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Hello, Yana! Yes, I am really grateful to your dating site because I have found a man and I would recommend your site to all women, because everything is honest and high-quality here. You work very well, you help to translate letters and guarantee the safety of those who are in doubt. Everything that concerns "my success story" it is my efforts and my work. All people are individual. Something… Read all

The international dating agency managed to do this through its newly launched online platform. It has been modernized and provided more security to ensure a reliable dating experience. The online dating site is optimized for safer and effective communication and matchmaking! Dating Women Ukraine has added interesting new features to its website that elevate user experience and revolutionize the… Read all

To Yana, a representative of our dating agency Yana good evening, I got registered on your site upon the recommendation of my friend, who thanks to you has been happy with her marriage for 4 years and who lives in the USA. If I am not mistaken, I got registered in February 2017 and, as you advised, I began to post actively my photos, to check profiles of men, to respond to all incoming letters … Read all

  Guide for Slavic women For many modern Slavic women the question of a successful marriage with a foreigner and living somewhere far away in a beautiful country remains important enough. But have women put on their thinking cap about this all? Is it worth doing? Of course, there are many positive stories about successful and happy marriages of men and women representing different nationaliti… Read all

Love in its essence is a feeling which is peculiar to any person, both to a man and a woman. However, each of them shows it in their own way and not everyone understands the need for the love of the partner, often confusing sincere love with ordinary affection or infatuation. In fact, ladies also possess a gift of a certain mystery which is able to veil the woman's love. And often foreign men d… Read all

Each nation has wedding traditions and rites, which are passed on from generation to generation. All of them arose not from the ground up and they are full of meaning and symbolism. Of course, many traditions have been modified and modernized with centuries, but, nevertheless, they retained their significance and importance. Despite the change of generations, the change of fashion and modern pr… Read all

Almost every day everyone reads about women with children from their first marriage, where it is said that children are always a big difficulty for a new husband as well as other nuances are discussed. On our site we also have such articles and our editorial staff has already considered this topic before. But there is another interesting thing. Why are there not or why there are there so few pos… Read all

For most women it's more important how they look in pictures than in the real life. However, you can often meet women who, on the contrary, look better in the real life than in photos. What's the secret? And the matter is hidden in the female photogenic nature. Scientists, photographers, and psychologists continue to argue about the photogenic nature. Where does it come from? And most importantly,… Read all

Our life is boring and uninteresting without hobbies! That's why millions of people with different tastes and abilities have hobbies. A hobby makes our life more interesting, exciting and valuable. A person devotes his or her spare time to a hobby, and sometimes a hobby turns into the main sphere of activity or business. In any case, it causes a lot of pleasure. As for the hobbies of Ukrainian wom… Read all

Any gift brings joy. Everyone knows it and, perhaps, this is its main and indisputable feature. Each gift is symbolic by its value, so the choice of gifts for a Ukrainian woman should be conscious since each of them reveals the nature and intentions of a man who is going to present something. There has already been spoken and written many times about the types of gifts men should give to Ukrainian… Read all