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Are you a woman and you experienced a lovely correspondence on our site? Or did you have an impressive meeting with a man in real life? If so, then why not tell other members about your experiences with Dating Women Ukraine? We are curious about how you experienced the men of our agency or what you have to say about us and our services. You can share with us your dating experiences, your contact w… Read all

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We are interested in your reaction about our website. We would like to hear what you think of it. So for example: how do you think it looks like? How do you think it works? What do you think of our services? What do you think of the information you get from it? And what do you think of our ladies that are standing now in our catalogue? We hope to receive positive reactions. And to learn from the t… Read all

If you have experiences with dating and travelling in Ukraine, then we invite you to write here your experiences. By sharing experiences, others can learn from this. This can be both good and bad experiences. For us and other visitors, it is possible to react, to provide additional information and answering any questions. We hope that in this way an active blog will develop. We thank you in advanc… Read all

My country has four wonderful seasons: a warm spring, really hot summer, a rainy autumn and a frigid winter. Women in Ukraine are very similar to our weather; of course, you can never be sure it won’t snow in summer. From east to west and north to south there are blonde, brown and red-haired women. A long time ago, many of them were called fairies, because they were believed to have the power to … Read all

Like many other men, I’ve searched abroad for my significant other, because it has been very difficult to find her in my own country. I’ve been searching for my soul mate in Eastern Europe since 2005; mostly in Ukraine. On average, I visit Ukraine three times a year. Apart from that, I have been to Russia and Moldova three times. I’ve searched on many websites and marriage agencies, and have met a… Read all