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You can go to Ukraine to find the love of your life. But you will also find beautiful historic buildings, stunning countryside, a vibrant nightlife and friendly people. More than enough to guarantee a wonderful stay. Location "Ukraine" literally means borderland. What's in a name indeed: it is bordered by Belarus in the north, by the Black Sea in the south, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and… Read all

Kiev is a wonderful city with loads of culture, theatres, churches, monasteries, parks, nightlife, shops, restaurants and sights. It is the Ukrainian capital and, to be honest, a place to fall in love with. Location Kiev is a little north of central Ukraine. It has 2 airports, both of them international. The largest one is Borispol, about 30 km southeast to the Kiev's city centre. The smaller ai… Read all

Travelling to Ukraine

Travelling to Ukraine became more easy and cheaper during the last years. This is because more and more airlines offer flights now to Ukraine. So the competition became higher. That has ensured that the service has been improved and the prices have fallen. Fly to Kiev Kiev has two international airports, namely Borispol and Zhulyany. Of these two airports Borispol is by far the largest and most … Read all

Sometimes high prices are being asked for mediation of dates with Ukrainian ladies. In that case high western prices are being charged for a mainly Ukrainian service. It is better to avoid such websites or services, because in Ukraine wages and the price level are much lower than in western countries. Salary level An employee in Ukraine earns an average monthly salary of 285 euros. A monthly ave… Read all