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You have won the heart of a Ukrainian woman and your relationship could easily lead to marriage one day. You finally get the courage to ask her hand in marriage, and she answers, “Yes, I will marry you.” What a lucky man you are. The next important step is to meet the parents of your Ukrainian fiancé. This definitely calls for preparation. A country with family values and family-oriented tradit… Read all

From my experiences, I recommend that you meet a woman in her own country first. This way, your chances of finding someone are much higher and you’ll have fewer disappointments.  Inviting a lady to your own country I learned this the hard way after inviting a lady to my own country, whom I had met on the Internet and not in real life. I couldn’t tell if she was really my type or not, or if I c… Read all

Nowadays we are dating a lot more on the internet. According to a statistical report recently published in The Netherlands. They researched where Dutch people find their partner. Before the year 2000 people didn't meet their partner on the internet, but now 9 percent meet their partner on the World Wide Web. Dating sites play an important role in this success. Meeting each other by going out dropp… Read all