To Yana, a representative of our dating agency

Yana good evening, 
I got registered on your site upon the recommendation of my friend, who thanks to you has been happy with her marriage for 4 years and who lives in the USA. If I am not mistaken, I got registered in February 2017 and, as you advised, I began to post actively my photos, to check profiles of men, to respond to all incoming letters (if I received a letter from a man I was not interested in - I honestly answered him that, unfortunately, I could not continue communication with him, I wished him the very best, but I answered anyway. It was honest, I think.)

We began our correspondence

At the end of March a young man from Belgium wrote me. We started our correspondence, I can’t say it was love at the first letter or something like that, but! we were exchanging letters without delay, had topics for communication and always wanted to learn more about each other. This correspondence was getting more interesting and I had a strong feeling that I liked this communication, I liked this man, I liked that he was truly interested in me and my life (because those were not just standard questions like "what do you do in your free time?" or "what is your hobby?").

Call each other

In June I went with my child to the sea coast into Russia, which meant passing the border at night, and at this moment it just happened when they say “something skipped a beat” - he was staying in touch with me all night, all the time while getting from point A to point B. He went to bed only in the morning, despite the fact that he had to wake up for work. Since then we have not missed a single day without calling each other. I could give thousands of examples of his care and attention, but in this case my feedback would be very long.)))

Marriage contract

We met at the end of July in Kiev, then in August, we spent just an unforgettable weekend together. In October 2017 I flew to him for a week and there he proposed to me! After that, we were visiting each other, and when we were not together we continued our communication via Skype. On June 1, 2018 we signed a marriage contract, and I am extremely happy that thanks to you I found my soul mate, I found my beloved and loving man.

My advice and wishes

Advice to girls - the main thing is to believe that in the future everything will get only better, that somewhere there is your man and you will surely find each other. Try to be yourself, tell clearly about everything you are looking for, what are you expecting from your chosen one and you will definitely meet him!!! I wish each girl to find her love, to find a man who will make her happy and who she can make happy too!!!!

And once again I thank the administrators for the advice, for the participation, for the help, for giving the very opportunity to create a family, to find happiness!!!

Best regards, Viktoria



Good day,
At the end of March 2017, I sent my first message to Viktoria. Afterwards we corresponded for a few weeks and every day we talked about all the things we were interested in, and we could ask each other all the questions that we wanted. Then we switched to the chat and video chat.


A few months later we decided to meet each other in July in Kiev. I then booked a flight from Brussels to Kiev. I only met with her during my trip, because I was only interested in her. From our first conversations in the messages, then Skype and then in real life there was immediately a real connection from both sides.


The meetings went very well and we already made concrete plans to build a further future together. In august I met her again in Kiev. And then I invited her to come and visit me in October in Belgium. Our relationship grew more and more profound and the following year, on 1 June 2018, we married.

Connected to each other

It still goes very well between us. Meanwhile, we have been married for more than 7 months and she lives with her son with me and my children in Belgium. It goes without saying that we all get along great and we search our way together. We are very happy that we have found each other and that we are now connected to each other.

Sincerely yours, Kevin

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