Here's a fantastic success story that made us happy. I am writing briefly now because I would like to share the fantastic news.

On this site, I tried to get a conversation going with Olga (a woman with amazing long hair). I believe I sent her at least 3 messages to ask her to connect with me. She finally did a month later.

So long story short. We met each other more than half a year later in Kyiv. She then spent a few days at my house between Christmas and New Year. And we met again in Kyiv a few weeks after during the Orthodox Christmas. This took place several years before the gruesome war began.

I was completely over the moon with her, we were both very much in love with each other and still are. She is such a better fit for me.. sweet, kind, sensitive.. and very attractive...

At that time, we had been in contact for over a year, with several visits back and forth. And we met both families when we decided to get married. We got married on the scheduled day in early 2021. We got married in the congregation and in front of the church in my home country. It was a fantastic day.

Less than a year later, Olga and her daughter came to live with me. We are very happy together and we are glad that this site ( brought us together. Without this website, this would never have happened.


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