Hello, Yana!

Yes, I am really grateful to your dating site because I have found a man and I would recommend your site to all women, because everything is honest and high-quality here. You work very well, you help to translate letters and guarantee the safety of those who are in doubt.

Everything that concerns "my success story" it is my efforts and my work. All people are individual. Something that suits for one does not mean that it is suitable for others. Everyone, everywhere and always must make certain efforts to implement any tasks. It all depends on the desire of each person. You know all this very well yourself!!!

Thank you for keep in touch with your audience and responsibly to work on the site.

Best wishes!


Dear reader,

It is fantastic that I met Julia at this website, and I am happy to tell this positive story.

With a lot of passion

I sent Julia an 'Interest' in early March 2017, and from then on it started. The first months we got to know each other through messages and we flirted with each other by sending virtual gifts with corresponding texts. In the beginning I did not know how serious it was and if it was all for real, as it all went fast, it was intensive, very open and with a lot of passion. But everything turned out to be real, as I found out when we knew each other longer. First through correspondence, then in the chat and video chat and later during our meetings. She is just a spontaneous, understanding, honest woman who is very open and gives a lot of love.

Meet regularly and learn the language

We meet regularly and she was sometimes with me for a longer period. In 2018 she followed Dutch classes nearby and she also took classes via skype, it was not always easy for her, but in the end it all worked out. It was necessary to learn Dutch to pass the A1 and A2 tests at the embassy in Kiev, in order to get a residence permit to come to the Netherlands permanently. In September 2018 she successfully participated in the Introduction Civic Integration Course in Kiev.

A shared future

Now two years after the first contact I am still with Julia and it is very serious. We have met each other several times during that time and we still see each other very regularly. We are now making plans to live together and we want a shared future. I built a growing and serious relationship with her and I am very happy with that. I am very grateful for this site.

I also would like to thank the owner of this site for always answering correctly to all of my questions, and I wish him and his team a lot of success with their dating site.

Best wishes,

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