This is the story of Simon and Aleksandra written by Simon. He is so kind to share it with us now.

We got to know each other before the terrible war in Ukraine started. We started with writing messages before we became chat partners. We chatted every day and we really wanted to get to know each other better.

Hence I traveled to Kharkiv to meet her. As agreed, she was there waiting for me. After a first short introduction, we drove together to hotel de Gaulle where we then, after checking in, had a bite to eat. Then we went to our room where I expected two single beds, but where there was only one double bed. As befits a gentleman, I slept on the sofa that evening. You can imagine that I was not able to sleep much on it, but you have to be willing to do that. Over the next few days, we got to know each other more extensively and luckily there was a good click between us. She spoke pretty well English and so it turned out that it was possible to communicate well with each other, which is necessary to get closer to each other ... literally because after one day I was allowed to go to bed with her, if only to sleep. Apparently, she felt a bit sorry for me after all... but oh well.

Because she had to work during the week, she returned by bus on Sunday evening to Poltava, where she lives and works, and I stayed behind in the hotel to spend the rest of the week alone. That was not easy, but luckily the weather was good and I was able to walk around and visit markets in Kharkiv. And in the evening I could chat with her. Once it was Friday evening and I saw her coming again, the reunion was heartily and spontaneous. The weekend that followed was unforgettable for both of us and when she had to say goodbye again on Sunday evening, it was accompanied by tears. I flew back very early on Monday morning.

Since then we had daily contact and there were plans to organize a return visit so that we could deepen our relationship. A few months later she came to visit me at my house for about nine days, which of course flew by. Unfortunately, she didn't get any more time off.

We hope, of course, that we can finally come together to live together, but several steps still have to be taken to achieve this and the circumstances must of course also contribute. This is the latest situation of our love story.

I would like to thank Dating Women Ukraine for their sincere interest and for bringing us together, as it all originated through your website. I would like to express my appreciation for this as well as for the support you have provided me. The big advantage of your website is that the profiles that are registered, are serious and not fake as you come across on so many other websites.

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