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For centuries, women fought for the right to determine their own destiny and their own role in the world. They refused to accept a set of ideas about traditional gender roles imposed by society. And it was a women's achievement of the 20th century – the feeling of freedom in choosing. That is why, in today's world, motherhood is a personal choice of the person. But, despite that, a lot of people w… Read all

Ukrainian women are tender, beautiful, and family-oriented with a romantic nature. They like men who want to take care of them and give them all their attention. Unfortunately, men often forget that Ukrainian women are sensitive and weak. Men can be very busy with their job and earning money, but that is not a reason to forget to make time for a woman. How often do you give your beloved Ukrai… Read all

Marriage is a partnership and everybody dreams about finding a reliable partner. This doesn’t have anything to do with chasing money. Marriage is the pursuit of happiness. It is not a secret that western men lose sleep over trying to win the hearts of gorgeous Ukrainian ladies. Ukrainian women like the attention of western men and they look forward to meeting them in real life. Why did a beau… Read all

Ukrainian women are not only gorgeous and stunning young women; they are also caring wives and mothers. We should not be blind and naïve, believing only in fairy tales and happy endings. We live in the 21st century and have to understand what a real marriage is like. It is not easy to find the right person, and much less to marry them quickly once it seems we have found them. Everything requi… Read all

Many Eastern European women are looking for a serious relationship with a foreigner. This is important for them, because they want to get married and have a family. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean they are desperate to go abroad. I have heard from several Ukrainian women that they don’t want to have relationships with foreigners, when I asked them. They are not desperate enough to do anything to tr… Read all

Ukrainian women are relationship and family oriented. They would like to have a relationship and family. For them, this is an important part of their life happiness. In Ukraine they can't always find a suitable partner, hence they start also looking abroad. Reasons why Ukrainian women search also abroad Moreover they hear good stories about foreign men. Namely that they possess good qualities and … Read all