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Why is it interesting for me to use the chat and video chat service?

After you sent interests and wrote messages to Ukrainian women, chat and video chat is the next step to make. It is the ultimate way to get acquainted over distance with the Ukrainian women that you like. You will have a chance to see her like she is in real life and have a talk with her. You can find out if she matches with you and if she is the one whom you like to meet.

What are the options after I added a chat partner?

You can send photos, chat and audio/video chat. It is for an unlimited period of time and it’s allowed to exchange contact details. And the use of our translation tool throughout the chat to help translate your conversations.

How does it work?

You go to the profile of your favorite Ukrainian lady. On her page, you click on the button ‘Add to chat partners’ and a request will go to the lady. Your request can be found in your list of chat requests. If she accepts this, then she is added to your chat partners list. In the toolbar at the bottom of your screen, you can find her also in the list. When you click on her thumbnail and name, then a chat window will open and you can start to communicate through chat and video chat.

Chat request

Before you can make a chat request, it’s required to have a minimum correspondence of 3 messages to and from the lady ('Interests' do not count). It’s required due to safety and privacy reasons on our site. Besides, it’s also more natural to get acquainted first via messages before you make a chat request. It's in the interest of both men and women.

Where can I find the chat partner requests that I sent?

You can find them in your user menu under Network and Chat partners. You can see there also who your chat partners are and who is online.

How much does it cost?

When you purchase a membership, you will be able to chat and video chat with others without using credits. You may obtain more information about memberships and/or purchase one on our page 'Buy a membership'.

If you opt for credits, it will cost you 100 credits to invite a lady to become your chat partner. You can chat or video chat for an unlimited period of time with your chat partner. On our page 'Buy credits' you can read more information about credits and you can purchase credits there. More information you can find on our 'Services' page.

What happens if the lady doesn’t accept my request to become my chat partner?

First, the lady will receive a notification of your request. If after some time your request has not yet been accepted by the lady, then we will contact her to inquire. If she is not interested in your request, then, unfortunately, you have no other option then to look for another potential chat partner and we will have to remove your request. If you have a membership, then you can invite a lady again free of charge. In case you have paid with credits, you will get back the credits that you have spent and you can ask another lady.

What can I expect?

Unlike some other websites, we do not pay women to be online and to entertain men. For such a website and the ladies that are on it, it’s just a way to make money. So do not expect that women on our website are constantly online and want to please you and give you a lot of attention. On our website, we have serious women who have a private life too, so that is why they cannot be constantly online. But if you are looking for a serious relationship, then you have come to the right place.

What is the advantage of it and what is the consequence?

The advantage of the chat/video chat is that you can communicate directly and that you have it more in your own hands. It makes you also more responsible for your own actions, your communication, and the outcome.

Is it safe?

We try to create the safest place as can be, but with direct contact, of course, we cannot guarantee a hundred percent safety. In any way, we advise you to use your common sense and when it goes too fast for you or against your feelings, then it’s better to take some more time for it. If you have any questions or doubts about something then you can always contact us. In general, we do not recommend men in the beginning phase to transfer money to women and to invite them at once to your home country. But only after you have met her in her own environment and you know her for a longer period of time. That’s what we recommend also to women that they meet men first in their own country and get to know him better before she visits him in his country.

Can I delete a chat partner?

Yes, but not by yourself. You can request us to delete a chat partner by sending a message. You do that by going to the footer 'Contact us', select 'Delete chat partner' and submit your message.

What if there is a language barrier?

In the chat, it’s possible to use our translation tool to translate your conversations. It's an automatic translation service and you can choose from 45 languages! Ladies will get also motivated to study English when they see they could have a future with you. Ukrainian women are smart and educated women who like to study, it is for them not a problem to learn English. That some of them do not speak English well, is because they previously did not have the chance to learn it. We can help ladies by offering a language course English and indirectly we help men to communicate with them.

Where can I find the ‘Translate Conversations’ tool?

On your PC, at the bottom of your screen, you can find the chat and video chat toolbar. At the left side of this toolbar, you will find a button with the letter "T", which will translate any chat conversations that you will have. On the mobile version of our website, select 'Chat' on the main menu. At the bottom of the screen, you can then select 'Translator' to translate your conversations.

Can I check if my webcam is working before I will be using the video chat?

Just to be sure you can test it on this website. You can see if your software, network, and hardware are working properly. If there is a problem, then they have also the tool troubleshooter to solve it.

Will the video chat be working properly?

We saw to it that the video chat is requiring as little as possible from your hardware and internet connection. We spent much time developing and testing this service and we reached the best quality as can be. So the video chat with your partner should be streaming fluently and the sound should be clear.

Why do I get two questions before I start up the video chat?

The first question is for privacy reasons, we ask you to allow us to have access to your camera and microphone in order to make the video chat possible. All the information you can read if you click here.

The second question is for a better performance of the video chat. It allows the video chat to play more smoothly. It is called the peer-assisted networking or p2p networking and it is a common known network and it is used in many 1 on 1 video chats. All the information you can read if you click here.

Because we respect the privacy of our clients, we ask you these questions in advance. If you use the video chat more often, then you can select the remember button in both cases and you will not get these questions again.

How can I become more successful?

If you want to be more successful in your communication with a Ukrainian lady, then it’s important to learn more about Ukrainian ladies and their culture. To help men on their way, we wrote a lot of information and tips in our E-book “Finding your Eastern European wife. The path to marital bliss”.