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Any gift brings joy. Everyone knows it and, perhaps, this is its main and indisputable feature. Each gift is symbolic by its value, so the choice of gifts for a Ukrainian woman should be conscious since each of them reveals the nature and intentions of a man who is going to present something. There has already been spoken and written many times about the types of gifts men should give to Ukrainian… Read all

Good afternoon! My name is Oksana, and I would like to share my dating story on this site. I registered on the site in September 2017.  How did it come to the first real meeting with Roberto?  I was interested in a man from Spain, his name is Roberto. I was the first to send the interest to him. After that we began to communicate. These were warm, sincere, kind letters. I immediately realized th… Read all

Great power of gratitude

What does gratitude mean for you? How often do you thank your family and friends, the Universe or God for no particular reason? Why should we thank and say thank you? You must admit that these are questions of current importance! Ukraine is far from being on the last place for the courtesy among the European countries. Ukrainians know how to thank and they say thank you to each other for any reaso… Read all

On this page, Julia and Bernard tell their success story of how they met each other through our website and agency, and how it all went. It went pretty fast, they had their first online contact in May 2017. And the first time they met each other face to face was two months later in July 2017. After their successful first meeting, they were communicating every day and they tried to meet as much a… Read all

Any woman is a mystery and a riddle that men have been trying to solve for centuries. Though most women believe they do not need to be “solved” as it is enough to love, to cherish and to surprise them. So, how can you surprise a Ukrainian woman and make her happy?  Ukrainian women are special women!  All the women love flowers, and no one can argue with it. Any gift for a woman has always been… Read all

A first date for Ukrainian women – an important part of any relationship. And further communication with a man depends on it. A date is a meeting in real life after acquaintance on the internet, by telephone, through correspondence or on Skype. Nowadays, online dating sites are very popular. And the transition from a virtual communication to a real meeting could take two or three weeks. Very oft… Read all

Are you the lucky one who had a date? Did you meet someone through our website? Are you so happy with how the meeting went that you want to share it with us? Then please let us know your experiences. People have many questions about it. They like to know how it went. For example, how was the first contact? What was your first impression? How did the meeting go? Did it all go easy? Did it meet yo… Read all

The main part of Ukrainian national costume is a shirt which is generally made of linen or another natural fabric. The shirt is decorated with embroidery, that is why, it is called the embroidered shirt or vyshyvanka. Vyshyvanka is considered to be traditional clothing of Ukrainian people. It is a reflection of their value system, traditions, culture and history. Every year, maintaining nationa… Read all

Nowadays in Ukraine more and more often there are women who are not only unmarried, but also whose relationships are quite rare. And although she might be pretty, skilled and educated - in one word, almost perfect, her personal life does not go off well. And there is the question whether men do not notice her, or whether the problem is in the woman herself. But everything is much easier - she on… Read all

For centuries, women fought for the right to determine their own destiny and their own role in the world. They refused to accept a set of ideas about traditional gender roles imposed by society. And it was a women's achievement of the 20th century – the feeling of freedom in choosing. That is why, in today's world, motherhood is a personal choice of the person. But, despite that, a lot of people… Read all