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The main part of Ukrainian national costume is a shirt which is generally made of linen or another natural fabric. The shirt is decorated with embroidery, that is why, it is called the embroidered shirt or vyshyvanka. Vyshyvanka is considered to be traditional clothing of Ukrainian people. It is a reflection of their value system, traditions, culture and history. Every year, maintaining nationa… Read all

Ukraine is one of the best places to be if you want to feel the atmosphere of Orthodox Easter traditions. Easter is known as a holiday where families get together and celebrate a meld of folklore and traditional Christian practices. The celebration of Easter Day in Ukraine takes place according to the lunar calendar. It will be celebrated in 2016 on the 1st of May. Easter is an important holida… Read all

Being a woman is special, especially being a Ukrainian woman on March 8th. Ukrainian women are showered with flowers, affection, love, sweets, and other pleasant things. Women’s Day is a holiday in the spring filled with love and beauty, and devoted to women all over the world. Ukrainian women are domestic goddesses who take care of their husbands and protect their children. On this day, men sh… Read all

Christmas is a time of being merry and a time of happiness for all members of the family. This wonderful holiday is associated with a jolly atmosphere and a warm aura. Christmas is a special holiday for Ukrainian women especially when miracles happen to them, and they deeply believe in them. It is an important time when a Ukrainian woman wants to have a lovely man by her side. Someone who she ca… Read all

You need to know the cultural differences between Ukrainian women and those of your own culture in order to have successful dates with them.  Learning about the cultural differences Eventually, I learned what to do on a date with a Ukrainian woman. I gave the lady flowers, souvenirs, cheese, and candy from my country. I opened doors for her, took care of the bills, and arranged the transportatio… Read all

All people around the world have the same human feelings and basic needs in life. But there are cultural differences between countries and people you cannot ignore. If you are in Ukraine, you will notice that there will be similarities, but also things that can be quite different then you are used to. Dating When it comes to dating or you have a starting relationship with an Ukrainian lady, you … Read all