Here I share my success story with you. First a special thanks to the owner of this dating site. Thank you very much for your serious site in every way.

I am no longer on this site because I met my friend Tatyana who I had discovered from the beginning on this site. After 5 months of conversations and video sessions, we decided to live together in Ukraine. Things have been going well for the past 3 months that we have been together. I have been retired for two years.

I lived alone in a big house in France because for my work I was always traveling in Europe, and I was very rarely at home. Today I am discovering a real family life. I make French cuisine for her which she discovers and loves. I'm making a new start. She discovers new things and so do I. It's a great life that I only dreamed of.

As for a photo, I will share it when the war is over as we are very close to the frontline. It's a bit dangerous at the moment because of the conflict between Russia and Europe that is taking place in Ukraine.

Ukraine is very nice. There are many stores for shopping. And they love French cuisine. It's great to share different cultures and gastronomy. Doing things is important for retirement. I found the love of my life 3000 km away. Honestly, I didn't believe it.

I didn't think I would experience this nowadays. I'm not exaggerating, believe me. It's worth all the gold in the world. Thanks again to the owner of this site for all this. Thanks to you it becomes real. I was on several dating sites for months and yours is by far the best. Good luck to your site which has the merit of existing. Friendship to you and all the best.

Regards, Jean

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