We waited for each other for a long time. And met thanks to a dating site "Dating Women Ukraine". His name is Ivo, such a simple and short name, but at the moment the person with this name is in my heart.

We each had our own life and our own family. We both have been married for 14 years. But something did not work out in our families. He has a daughter, I have a son and they are about the same age and it seems like "everything was meant to be."

At some moment, I confidently decided for myself that I did not want any relationship. But people are so arranged that they just need love. So when I accidentally found this site on the Internet, I created my profile and successfully forgot about it for several months.

But one day, when I checked my email, I found there a letter with information that some man wrote to me on the site. So we started an easy and relaxed correspondence. But I was looking forward to every letter. Ivo was very decisive and soon he bought tickets and came to me in Ukraine. I met him at the airport. The flight was delayed and I had time to think and get away. But it is impossible to escape from fate. And we are born for each other. As soon as we joined hands, then each of us realized this.

We did not know each other's language, but this did not prevent our communication. My "broken" English helped us in the first stages. We spent an unforgettable two weeks together. And since then we have parted just to meet each other again. He came to me, and I came to him. Together we learned the language and prepared the documents for the move. "TOGETHER we will do everything" - he told me when I had some doubts. It happened. I passed the language test, and after 4 months we started living together in the Netherlands as one happy family. Yes, of course we got married and we are very happy together. Mutual understanding, love and harmony.

This site is a chance to find your own person. And you need to use it to be happy. I wish you all HAPPINESS AND LOVE!

Svetlana and Ivo

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