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Love in its essence is a feeling which is peculiar to any person, both to a man and a woman. However, each of them shows it in their own way and not everyone understands the need for the love of the partner, often confusing sincere love with ordinary affection or infatuation. In fact, ladies also possess a gift of a certain mystery which is able to veil the woman's love. And often foreign men d… Read all

Every year people all over the world celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. This special holiday puts us in a special mood making our hearts beat faster. New couples appear on this magic day everywhere, and our dating agency is not an exception. If you are still lonely please don’t lose hope. St. Valentine’s Day is a special day when two lonely hearts can find each other and fall in love. Dating Women … Read all

We should live, hope, believe, and enjoy every second of our life because tomorrow may not come. Let’s be positive and not miss out on the opportunity to visit a country that is called, “Love and Passion.” The feeling of being in love Love can be described as an enigmatic feeling and many books are written about this feeling. We should meet love in the real world and know what it’s like to trul… Read all

What is love?

Why there are so many sayings about love in the world? Why do we know so many types of love? We hear and we tell very often the words of love, but do not even think about the meaning. We say: "I love my parents, my children, I love animals, sweets, etc ... ". We use this word so many times a day that the innermost meaning of it is simply lost. The meaning of true love Every day, many clients of … Read all