Ukrainian women celebrate Easter with their family

Ukraine is one of the best places to be if you want to feel the atmosphere of Orthodox Easter traditions. Easter is known as a holiday where families get together and celebrate a meld of folklore and traditional Christian practices. The celebration of Easter Day in Ukraine takes place according to the lunar calendar. It will be celebrated in 2016 on the 1st of May.

Easter is an important holiday that Ukrainian women spend with their families. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On this special day, Ukrainian women go to church to pray and thank Jesus Christ for the salvation. Ukrainians call Easter, “The Great Day.”

Easter is a special holiday for all citizens of Ukraine with a lot of ancient customs and traditions. Have you ever wondered how Ukrainian women celebrate Easter in Ukraine? Easter is around the corner and we invite you to experience the celebration of Easter in Ukraine.

What Ukrainian people do on Easter Sunday?

Easter Sunday starts with Easter Mass at an Orthodox Church with "Christ is risen, Indeed He is risen!” Ukrainians bring baskets filled with Easter bread and Easter eggs for blessing. After the Easter Mass, Ukrainians go home and have breakfast with their family. The blessed Easter bread must be eaten first because it is a symbol of Easter.

Ukrainian Easter bread

Paska, ritual bread, is on the table at every Ukrainian house on Easter Day. When a Ukrainian woman bakes Ukrainian Easter bread, her thoughts must be pure and undisturbed. “God is blessing for the success of Easter bread baking.”

Another interesting fact is if there is still an unmarried girl in the family, then her mother who is presiding over the Paska making, would say, “Paska into the oven, and you, my girls, don’t sit — get moving, get married!” Surprisingly, Ukrainian Easter bread has magic that helps lonely Ukrainian women obtain a happy family life.

Symbols of Easter

The celebration of Easter in Ukraine cannot be without pysanky, raw, painted eggs, a symbol of this holy holiday. Ukrainians believe that painted eggs protect homes from misfortune and evil spirits. For Ukrainian children, Easter is probably the most active holiday because of the krashanka battles (egg battles). They bang the ends of their eggs together to see who is the victor, the one with the strongest egg.

A wide range of tasty dishes will be on the dinner table in a Ukrainian home for the Easter holiday. It is enjoyable to see all the happy, smiling faces and the wonderful spirit of the Easter holiday.

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