How Women’s Day is celebrated in Ukraine on March 8th

Being a woman is special, especially being a Ukrainian woman on March 8th. Ukrainian women are showered with flowers, affection, love, sweets, and other pleasant things. Women’s Day is a holiday in the spring filled with love and beauty, and devoted to women all over the world.

Ukrainian women are domestic goddesses who take care of their husbands and protect their children. On this day, men show how much they appreciate and are sincerely grateful to their women. It is customary to pamper Ukrainian women on this special day.

The International Women’s Day is associated with springtime, love, and positive emotions. On this wonderful spring holiday, Ukrainian women celebrate with their beloved men, family or closest friends. Men and women present flowers, greeting cards with poems, sweets and other nice gifts to their dearest mothers, beloved wives, grandmothers, sisters.

Walking through the streets in Ukraine on this day, you will find happy Ukrainian women with flowers and beautiful smiles. Flowers are symbols of this spring holiday in Ukraine. It is impossible to imagine the International Women’s Day in Ukraine without presenting flowers to Ukrainian women.

On this wonderful day, men treat Ukrainian women like queens. The beautiful Ukrainian woman starts her morning off with a tasty breakfast made by her man, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The evening will finish with a romantic dinner. A Ukrainian woman can even sleep all day, and a man will do all the household duties.

What to present as a gift on March 8th?

March 8th is just around the corner! This is an ideal time to express your love, care, and appreciation. It’s about time to think about how you want to thank your beautiful Ukrainian woman. It is not a secret that a Ukrainian woman likes a man to treat her well and show his attention. A small gesture like a greeting card, flowers, or sweets will put a smile on your Ukrainian lady’s face.

Flowers are definitely the right choice when it comes to gifts on March 8th. Roses and tulips are very popular. Other wonderful choices for presents are sweets, jewelry, kitchen utensils, household appliances, books, and DVDs. Ukrainian women may have different tastes, but no matter what, it is important to show your lovely Ukrainian woman that she is appreciated.

If you would like to congratulate Ukrainian women in her native language, you need to say: Поздравляю тебя с восьмым марта, дорогая! [phonetic it’s: Pazdravlyayu tebya s vas’mim marta dorogaya!] And translated it’s: Wishing you a Happy March 8th, darling!

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