You need to know the cultural differences between Ukrainian women and those of your own culture in order to have successful dates with them. 

Learning about the cultural differences

Eventually, I learned what to do on a date with a Ukrainian woman. I gave the lady flowers, souvenirs, cheese, and candy from my country. I opened doors for her, took care of the bills, and arranged the transportation so she got home safely. These things are not so common in my country, so it took time to learn them.

Ukraine is more traditional

Women in my country are very independent. Ukraine is more traditional, like my country used to be in the old days. I was not used to the difference, and did not know that this was the norm in Ukraine.

I needed to get used to treating women differently, since being traditional is considered old-fashioned in my country. You are not seen as a real man if you behave like this in Holland, whereas in Ukraine is the opposite. It was difficult for me to get accustomed at first, and I felt uncertain behaving differently. Since I visit Ukraine very often, this has changed. Women appreciate when a man is traditional, and my dates are more successful than they were before.

Ukrainian women have certain customs

Nonetheless, Ukrainian women have certain customs and they judge men based on them. They use them as a way to measure how serious a man is and if they will care for them. While not all ladies are like this, it is much more common than in other countries like Holland. You have to be a gentleman.

Respect the lady

In general, I believe that cultural differences can spice up the relationship, and you should be open about them. Respect the lady and try to understand her.

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Ronald Jutte

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  • Posted 96 months ago
"You have to be a gentleman.": Hehe, yes... In the first half of the 90's,I had a Polish girlfriend for some years. She once gave me "a hard time" (With a smile) for NOT letting her walk into places FIRST and for not holding the door. Such a "trifle" really order to be considered well-behaved. Definently not something I was used to, being Norwegian. Possibly even more gender-equal minded than Holland ?! Smile
Of course you pay when on a date! Smile
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