All people around the world have the same human feelings and basic needs in life. But there are cultural differences between countries and people you cannot ignore. If you are in Ukraine, you will notice that there will be similarities, but also things that can be quite different then you are used to.


When it comes to dating or you have a starting relationship with an Ukrainian lady, you should be aware of those differences. And you should take this into account. Because if you do not, this may mean that your dating will not be successful.

Show your attention

It is important that you show your attention to the lady. For example if you have a date, you can show it by giving a flower to the lady. In Ukraine it is very common to do so.

Transport for the lady

Usually you meet the lady in the center of city. It is easier and during the week she comes often straight from her work. It is common that a man covers ladies transport such as bus, metro and train (taxi if necessary). As it often happens that the lady does not live in the city center. In addition, it is usual in Ukraine culture that a man brings her back to her home, accompanying her to her door. In practice at the first meetings he will not bring her to her doorstep, but instead he provides the transport, so that she gets back home safe and well. Especially in cases when it is already dark or the weather is bad.


If a man cannot afford the transport or the bill of some drinks or food during the first date, then the lady asks herself how he can give her a better life and how he can take care of her when she moves to his country. It is important that a lady feels that she can count on him in several ways. Life in Ukraine is more traditional than in the west. A lady would like to see that a man takes care of his lady, wife and family. Even though Ukrainian women are independent and socially active, they are standing by his man and take care of the children. In such ways the roles are more traditional divided.

Can count on

Many women in Ukraine look for a foreigner, because they were not treated well in a relationship. Her man was not respectful to her or he drank too much alcohol or she had to do all household chores. It is important for the lady that she sees and feels that you will treat her well, that she can count on you and can trust you. So she knows in future when she moves to your country, she can depend on you. At first, she depends on you because she is unfamiliar with the language, culture and customs of your country.

Age differences

We must say that in Ukraine women think slightly different on age differences than in western countries. For Ukrainian women it is important that a man is stable. Stable as a person and stable financially, so that he can provide for his family. An older man has more life experience, is more mature and has probably a stable life. So for Ukrainian women this man is more attractive, because the chance is higher that she can have a stable relationship with him.

The age of starting a marriage

Ukrainian women start earlier their marriage than in most western countries. Alhough it becomes later nowadays, most Ukrainian women still start with it between their 21st and 25th year of life. This has a number of reasons. The main thing is that for Ukrainian women a marriage, a family and children are very important. For most of them this is more important than planning a career. So when they meet their second half, they won't postpone. This also because of their culture, where it is quite normal to start on this age with it. Waiting has as risk that because of the high competition, there is no man for her to find when she is older. And the ladies realize also that their fertility declines as they get older. Because in Ukraine people take more life as it is, because people don't have so many certainties in Ukraine and people realizes that life is not infinite. The ladies are generally earlier mature and they are more ready for a marriage. This is due to the way of raising children and because in Ukraine it is more difficult to build up an existence. For Ukrainian women starting a marriage is like a dream come true. If they can realize their ideal, then they won't wait on that.

In our E-book we will tell you a lot more about the Ukrainian culture, the differences and what you can take into account. So that your meeting with an Ukrainian woman can be more successful.

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