How did you experience your date?

Are you the lucky one who had a date? Did you meet someone through our website? Are you so happy with how the meeting went that you want to share it with us? Then please let us know your experiences. People have many questions about it. They like to know how it went. For example, how was the first contact? What was your first impression? How did the meeting go? Did it all go easy? Did it meet your expectations? How did it feel? What made you happy? How will it continue? And many other questions that people have. Please share your stories, because people love to hear them. People would like to hear that it is possible to meet someone and they can learn from your experiences too. You can write your own experience below and thank you in advance for sharing it with us. We wish you all to find your significant other.

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  • Posted 30 months ago
First of all Alena .. We had a fantastic time together. I had several meetings with her. Alena is by far the most spectacular woman (visual) that I have ever met. We had an amazing physical attraction together. We chatted every day for months. But to be honest, Alena was a bit too much for me. I mean in her lifestyle and expectations. I'm sure we will be seeing each other again as friends soon. We still respect each other a lot.

But even before Alena, I tried to get a conversation going with Olga (with the amazing long hair). I believe I sent her at least 8 messages to ask her to connect with me.

She actually did a few months ago. So long story short. We met in Kyiv a few months ago. She spent a few days with me between Christmas and New Year at my house and we met again in Kyiv a few weeks after. I'm totally over the moon with her. She is such a better fit for me.. sweet, nice, sensitive.. and very attractive...

To the agency I want to say: keep up the good work, you are doing a great job bringing people together. I'm ever grateful for your site and for bringing me this opportunity...
Sincerely, Chris


  • Posted 49 months ago
Доброго дня!
Давненько на цьому сайте, але поки що ні з ким навіть не спілкувалася. Більшість чоловіків, мабуть, вважають, що жінка близько 60 - старенька, хоча самі того ж віку і виглядають не найкращим чином. Жінки, котрі дбають про свою зовнішність, завжди красиві і привабливі...
Я дуже рада за україночок, котрі змогли знайти тут своє кохання!!! Усе - в наших руках!!!

Good afternoon!
I've been on this site for a long time, but so far I have not even talked to anyone. Apparently, most men believe that if a woman is about 60 years old, then she is old, although a men look not the best way in the same age as a women. Women who care about their looks are always beautiful and attractive ...
I am very happy for the Ukrainian women who could find their love here!!! Everything is in our hands!!!


  • Posted 58 months ago
Добрый день! Прочитала отзывы здесь, немного удивлена, и очень счастлива одновременно. Потому как я встретила здесь замечательного мужчину и очень счастлива с ним. Мы переписывались совсем мало, где-то месяц, после встретились и сейчас очень счастливы вместе. Спасибо сайту, что мы нашли друг друга здесь.

Good afternoon! I read the reviews here, I am a little surprised and very happy at the same time. Because I met a wonderful man here and very happy with him. We did not correspond much, about one month, then we had a meeting and we are very happy together now. Thanks to the site that we found each other here.

Admin - Agency

  • Posted 58 months ago
Hello Marina, Sorry to hear that you had a disappointing meeting. And that it wasn't as romantic as your correspondence. Video chats might have avoid unexpected surprises, because it is more real. Of course, women need to be treated with respect at all times. I can advise also our introduction meeting, we are there then to help. We can try to avoid cultural differences and we can help with interpreting, it can avoid miscommunication. We are always there to support men and women with our services. We will also keep informing men and women about differences in culture, traditions and in mentality, which can help to bring women from Eastern Europe and foreign men closer to each other and to have a better understanding of each other. You need to have also luck to find the one. I wish you anyway success in your search, and I hope you will find him one day, no matter where, most important that you will find him. Do not loose hope and keep trying, it is worth it. I believe there is always somebody for someone somewhere, you need only to find that person. Ronald of the agency


  • Posted 58 months ago
Добрый день я 3 месяца переписывалась с мужчиной почти каждый день , это было похоже на романтические и серьезные отношения, и вот он приехал на 1,5 дня на интим, я была в шоке, а он еще обиделся и заблокировал меня .Девочки они так о нас думают, что за ресторан и флакон духов мы готовы на все, уважайте и цените себя.

Good afternoon, I corresponded with a man almost every day during 3 months, it was like a romantic and serious relationship, and then he came for 1.5 days for sex, I was in shock, besides, he took offense at me and blocked me. Dear girls, they think that for a restaurant and a bottle of perfume we are ready for anything, respect and appreciate yourself.
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