Like many other men, I’ve searched abroad for my significant other, because it has been very difficult to find her in my own country. I’ve been searching for my soul mate in Eastern Europe since 2005; mostly in Ukraine. On average, I visit Ukraine three times a year. Apart from that, I have been to Russia and Moldova three times. I’ve searched on many websites and marriage agencies, and have met a lot of women.

I've wondered why I haven't found her yet

Although I've had many pleasant encounters along with a few brief relationships, I've wondered why after many years of searching for that special someone, I haven't found her yet. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that while some of the ladies were sincere and the dating agencies to be honest, there was no match. Of course, this happens from time to time. It's possible that there was a match at the start, but due to unforeseen circumstances or differences, that changed and she ended up not being the one for me. Another possibility is that despite the opportunities that have come along my way, I've ended up wasting them.

Other times, I felt the agency didn't provide a good enough service and that there was a lack of support which led to misunderstandings; whether through cultural differences or otherwise. Unfortunately, I have to say that when I looked back to those times, that in quite some cases neither the lady nor the agencies were acting in good faith, but for financial benefit.

Free social networking sites and dating sites

The experiences I've had on free social networking sites and dating sites have not been pleasant. Finding a wife is difficult and it takes a lot of time. While it is possible to find a good woman there, you need to have experience with these types of sites. Although, even with experience (and a good bit of luck), it's still pretty risky. Also, there are plenty of fake profiles leading you to wonder if who you're talking to is actually the person they claim to be. I've come across this result more than once; I thought I had finally found someone but she only wanted money from me. While some of these websites are free of charge, in the long run, you get what you pay for.

On most cases, you’ll only find out when it’s already too late. Sometimes, you’ll be able to tell that there’s something wrong immediately; in others, you won’t. There will be times when you’ll never know if the relationship was real or not at all.

Offer an alternative

I wanted to do something against these unfair business practices, as nobody (whether it is an organization or the authorities) wants or can do something about it. For me, the best solution to the problem is to offer an alternative to those sites whose business practices are fraudulent. This is because men and women who wish to find their significant other abroad will not give up until they have succeeded.

This is why I started my own dating agency and website. I wanted to offer an honest service. The ladies on our website are looking for a serious relationship, and our agency offers great matching services that will allow you to have a real chance of finding your soul mate.

Insight on the dating scene in Eastern Europe

When you will sign up for our newsletter, then I will provide you with more information and tell you about my experiences from the moment I started searching abroad. With this information and those experiences, you will have better insight on the dating scene in Eastern Europe. I hope I can help men and Ukrainian women in their search for love.

Ronald Jutte

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Admin - Agency

  • Posted 71 months ago
Thank you very much Charles for your support and kind words about our agency. I appreciate it very much and it's a big compliment.

I want to react also on the comment of Niels. I appreciate you relate yourself to my story and I understand you point it to others, but you end with the suggestion that we are most likely the same as the fraudulent sites and agencies out there, because they all need to earn money, but that is not true and not fair. Therefore I react now because I think people should get the real story of how it is like and we need to help people with it. Your intention is good I think and in general I agree with it, but I think there are made some crucial thinking mistakes that I want to correct now.

In it is written about international dating agencies and local sub agencies. I tell about this and other things also every time to people to warn them. It is because I have experienced it myself in the last decade, and that is why I started my own agency at some point to offer an alternative. So we are not the same like them. We do not work with sub agencies. We are an independent agency. We created our own database of members and we have our own team of employees working in Ukraine. We do this and other things to create a safe website.

In addition, we have an interview with every woman who registers on our site, so we know they are all real. And we have on our site only women who look for a serious relationship and they do not get paid to be on our site.

Since we started and up to now, my income doesn’t depend on the dating agency, because I do this next to my job. So we are also financially independend. So far it is more like a hobby and it costs money, but we do it to help people to find their partner, so we have only honest intentions. Although there is nothing wrong with making money for a company. It is a normal thing and like any other company it is needed to pay the bills.

I tell also often to men that it is important to have realistic views and expectations. On our site almost all women look for a serious relationship. And men sometimes do not take any initiative and I wonder why. And sometimes only when a gorgeous woman and much younger than him is writing him, then he reacts. But this happens not so often on our site, because it is a bit unusual considering the age difference and traditionally women are waiting for a man to take action. But on other sites it is often like this, but those are professional daters and you get the practices that are described in the other comment.

The chances are huge to find a partner on our site, but then you need to have realistic expectations. You must not look only what you can get, but you must look also what you can offer. And then I do not mean only money like many men think. A woman prefers also to find for herself an attractive partner, who is not too old for her, who most likely wants to create a family together, who treats her well and she wants just the basic needs that you can ask for in a relationship.

I agree that on other sites it is mostly not safe. But men must take also their own responsibility and not only accuse them. Because I see sometimes that men have no realistic views and want to get a perfect model. And sometimes he is not matching at all with her and he doesn't see this himself. These men get always in problems and will get for sure the feeling that he cannot find her and then he accuses them that they are not real or sincere. But in such cases it will be inevitable that you will come across these things, because there are many unsafe websites out there, where these things happen regularly.

We do not want to scare people, but we want to tell the truth about these things that occurs a lot on other sites and we want to inform men about it. Our aim is to help people to find their soul mate. We hope that many loving couples will emerge through our site.


  • Posted 72 months ago
At 65 I am one of the more senior guests on this dating site. Ronald’s dating site without question is the best. My wife of 22 years, who was originally from Rivne, Ukraine and whom I met via a dating “agency” right after the collapse of the Soviet Union, passed away a couple of years ago. Soon afterwards I signed up with several of the big international sites, but quickly understood that they were full of professional daters whose only interest was in making money. That is when I was introduced to this/Ronald's dating website. As my late wife was more than 15 years my junior and we got along great as soulmates, I have not been interested in meeting ladies my own age. The problem I have found is that the younger women that do respond to my approaches do so in my opinion, not to have a serious relationship with me, possibly leading to marriage, but to have fun, joke and play games, and it is very disconcerting. On the other hand one of biggest problems with the older women is that they have children that have already left the nest and have families of their own, and in my opinion that is a recipe for trouble. Again, in my opinion, if you happen to marry an older lady and she has 2 or 3 kids who have a couple of grand kids apiece of their own and they live overseas much of your new lady’s attention will be focused back over in Ukraine, where the bulk of her family and memories exist. With the younger ladies, if you help them raise their children you are right in the middle of that family. I know all about it, as I adopted my late wife’s 4 year old daughter who is now a beautiful 28 year old nurse in America with a son/my grandson who is one of the bright lights in my life! I just wanted you older guys to see the light as I have experienced it. In my case even if I don’t find another soulmate I already have 2 beautiful daughters and a grandson to live my life for and enjoy, so I am not going to force the issue, if I am not able to meet the right lady! However, the process of searching is fun, and for those of you who are registered with Ronald not only on his Ukrainian site, but also on his Russian dating site, best of luck, as you are on the best dating site anywhere!!
Sincerely, Charles


  • Posted 72 months ago

I've read the article: Experiences from dating in Eastern Europe and can only agree to the examples mentioned in the article about the widespread fraudulence. I have myself searched for a wife in Ukraine or Moldova since 2013. Also I have experienced the frustration over what I thought was true and sincere profiles but later turn out to be lying and fraudulence.
It will probably be a good idea being aware that only about 10% of all women in agencies' catalogues are true and sincere. About 90% of all women do not search for a man, are already in relationship, or write letters on commission basis for the local Agency. For each letter a man pay to read, they are paid commission. Many women also use dating sites for leisure chat or game play.
But I'm also aware that I several times have had contact with true and sincere women, but due to my bad experiences, I've terminated the relation too fast as soon I find some irregularity because of my bad experiences with local agencies.
Personally, I do not think the big international agencies are the biggest culprits - no
It's the local sub agencies that make the fraudulent profiles and with creativity create the local female profiles outside the International agencies control.
Beware - the International agencies are not innocents but are aware what is going on but they hide their responsibility about what is going on by the fact that the local agencies are independent businesses for which they are not responsible.
Since the Local Agencies, for examples are registered as Ukrainian, the authorities can not touch the International Agencies, which are typically registered in Ireland, Hawaii or North America. - and they do not commit criminal acts others than stilting to accept crime.
Left is the perception of whether all online agencies are fraudulent - including this site - this must depend on the individual's own assessment: Only the situation is that once it was a good business for the few, now it has become a billion business with too many actors. This means that some must die and in the struggle for survival, everyone uses both faire and unfair tricks and no one can say: Not me - probably also not this site!

Admin - Agency

  • Posted 120 months ago
Thank you for asking me. I will send my personal opinion to you by email, so that you will receive all the information that I can tell. General information you can also read in our newsletters. Ronald


  • Posted 120 months ago
What is your personal opinion about some dating websites that I can give. The truth is that I doubt the veracity but would like a more professional and experienced opinion as yours. regards
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