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  • Posted 7 months ago
Dear daters, I have experience in the jungle of dating sites. In that sense, I have had good and bad experiences.

With the help of Dating Woman Ukraine, I found my lover. Of course, you have to be lucky to find your love. You have to be and remain active in this. It will take your time, but in the end, you will have results.

A good dating site costs money. But it creates good security and a barrier against people with other intentions. I have not encountered any fakers on this site.

With this review, I would like to encourage everyone. You have come to the right place, for your real quest. Ronald as the owner watches over his herd like a father. He will help you where necessary.

I wish everyone who reads this to find your lover and a happy time being together. In particular, I would like to thank Ronald, who sometimes gave me the last push. He is involved in his work.
Maarten from Holland


  • Posted 13 months ago
My experience with Dating Women Ukraine has been extremely positive, I have met 3 women personally. Unfortunately, things have not come out like I would like them too. It may be due to the difference in culture.

I believe this dating site is the best one out there because women here are not scammers like in so many other dating sites. On other sites, they are not all completely honest and upfront, but that has nothing to do with the wonderful service this website offers. For the most part, women on this website are serious and want a long-lasting relationship, which is what I look for.
Kind regards, Jim


  • Posted 42 months ago
A story about the efficacity of Ronalds'team

Some time ago I was visiting Kyiv. I wanted to make an appointment with a lady living about 400 kilometers from Kyiv. I tried to arrange a taxi, bus or train for the lady in question. However, because I did not speak the language, this was not an evident one. I decided to call on Ronald and his team.

Later it appeared that this was a very good move. Ronald contacted me via Viber and his team started working immediately. They searched for all possible solutions.

After a couple of hours, they decided that it was better that I was going to the lady by taxi. Ronald's and his team have arranged everything: the taxi, the schedule, the price,.... I have this taxi at a very good price :-). This was really a very nice achievement and this in a very short time. Thank you for your workforce and efficiency. Top service !!!


  • Posted 58 months ago
Hereby I would like to share my very positive experience with Datingwomenukraine. I have been corresponding with a woman on this site quite a long time and decided to visit her in Kiev last month. Because the woman I am in contact with doesn't speak and write fluent English, the corresponding was always translated from English to Ukrainian and vice versa. Which is great,especially because this service is so extremely quick and accurate, within 2hr my letters were already translated into Ukrainian, a fantastic and consistent service of this site. While I was in Kiev the support of both Ronald and Nina was extremely good and really helped to make our meetings a success. Advise regarding cultural differences, habits, expectations, Nina and Ronald were always there to help. The days I was in Kiev the meetings I had with my lady went very well, so good that I was already back in Kiev last week(April 2016). Currently we are planning more time together and it looks like there is a pretty good chance this will develop into a serious relationship. The great thing about this agency is that their support doesn't stop after a first meeting, Nina and Ronald are always available for advice and support. Therefore I can highly recommend the services of this agency, you will not regret it!


  • Posted 65 months ago
Hello i also wanted to share my experience with the agency and the help and effort from Ronald and Nina.

I talked to a girl for quite a while,but still did not had time or the chance to visit Kiev.
I am not really an experienced traveller,but i have been in Kiev the last week of august and i must say because of the help it went very well and it was a good experience.
The agency helped me also with the apartment and after i landed they arranged a taxi to pick me up and brought me to the apartment.
After that Nina soon came by to meet,that was also very useful to first talk and arrange.
Prices were ok for help and apartment.
Nina is helpful and if you contact her for help,for example translation she soon fulfill.
My intention is to go back there and i sure would do it with the help of Ronald.
Kiev was a nice city and the people are friendly.
The girl i met was really looking for a normal and reliable guy that was very positive.
Greetings Arjen
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