My country has four wonderful seasons: a warm spring, really hot summer, a rainy autumn and a frigid winter. Women in Ukraine are very similar to our weather; of course, you can never be sure it won’t snow in summer.

From east to west and north to south there are blonde, brown and red-haired women. A long time ago, many of them were called fairies, because they were believed to have the power to make men fall in love with them. Still, knowing how to please a man isn’t magic.

Ukraine nowadays is a modern country with great living conditions. All large cities are bustling with life 24-hours non-stop. And believe it or not, our women spend all this time wearing high-heels. This isn’t vulgar; it’s a lifestyle where you have to be ready for anything.

The two main parts of my life are my work and my studies, which is what happens to many women here. During breaks, I travel, visit art exhibits, shows, and love to meet new people. Life can be unexpected but there are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.

Be honest; there are many ways to find love, but we’re on the internet. Have you ever had a bad relationship or does your work take up most of your time? What are you looking for right now?

Don’t be shy. Write messages to your lady, tell her what you think and make decisions quickly. Perseverance, sincerity and willingness to help others are the qualities women are looking for.

Here I will answer the questions that men might have for me

Why are you looking for a foreign man on a dating site?
Despite my young age, I have already made friends from all over the world. So, having a different mentality is not a problem, but rather something you want to change, so you can spend a lifetime with your partner. This is real passion.

Why are you looking for a Western man?
I don’t want to think that Western men are the embodiment of the man of my dreams or a way to financial prosperity. I am not looking for money here. I look for true happiness. Western men can make any woman happy; they have the natural ability to do this.

What is the age range of men you are willing to date?
I am willing to date a person up to 40 years old. Currently, I am 20 years old. But, quite honestly, age is not important.

What kind of man are you looking for?
I look for an easy-going man who likes to travel and isn’t afraid of change. His body type and hair color don’t matter. Ideally, the perfect guy would be someone whom you can be yourself with and at the same time you feel like you belong with him.

How do you see your future with a foreign husband?
I can easily accept advice and obey the wishes of my foreign husband. Of course, I prefer that men and women have equal rights within the family, but men still have to play the main role in relationships.


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  • Posted 19 months ago
This is a very nice take on how cultures differ. I , myself chat with quite a few here. It teaches Me a lot. I am so impressed with the whole Ukrainian way of thinking, the mature level of understanding relations, even at this young age. I applaud this information provided, as a guide. Best Regards..


  • Posted 69 months ago
Very Sincere story , Too bad i am Too old!


  • Posted 120 months ago
Very nice all men and women stay together here, there should be love and understanding
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