How much experience do you have with dating in Ukraine?

The founder and owner of Dating Women Ukraine is a Dutch man who has been coming to Ukraine about three times a year since March 2005. He knows his way around the dating circuit, including all the opportunities and pitfalls it holds. Our representative has many years of experience in international dating and in receiving and assisting customers.

What is your aim?

The activities of Dating Women Ukraine have arisen from an idealistic perspective. Namely to provide the best possible alternative to less reliable parties, when it comes to dating in Ukraine. For me as the founder and owner, this was the reason to set up the agency and website, in order that honest and quality services can be offered. Our aim is to inform and to help people from the knowledge and experience we have gained. With the ultimate aim to bring single men and serious Ukrainian women in contact with each other for a promising relationship.

Where are you located and how many people work in your office?

Dating Women Ukraine is located in the Netherlands and was founded September 2011. The founder and owner works as a self-employed person. He does these activities in addition to a full time job. Dating Women Ukraine has no office. This is partly the reason that competitive prices can be offered. Dating Women Ukraine has a representative in Ukraine. You can read more about us on our page 'About us'.

How reliable are you?

Dating Ukraine Women is founded to inform people about dating in Ukraine. And to offer a good alternative to less reliable dating websites and dating agencies. It is our motivation and aim to offer a reliable and good service. The owner and the representative of Dating Women Ukraine use their experiences and the contacts they have built up over the years in Ukraine.

How does it work?

In general we try to support men the best we can. And we want to offer pleasant and good services, so that the chances of success are as large as possible. How it works precisely you can read extensively if you look at the bottom of our page 'Our agency' under the header 'How it works'.

What kind of women do you select?

The ladies we include in our database are serious about their quest, they want a healthy relationship with a reliable man. Most of them are well-educated and some speak enough English. If the lady’s English is not good enough, our employee can act as translator and interpreter.

How well do you know these single women?

When a woman wants to enroll, our representative invites her for an interview. The identity and marital status of the lady is checked and our presentative uses the first interview to get a clear idea of the woman's motives and personal ambitions. If they qualify for mediation, our representative will keep in touch with her after enrollment. They will build a personal relationship, giving more and more insight into the bachelorette's character. This level of personal involvement is one of the most successful ways to avoid disappointment.

They are too beautiful. Can it be true they are looking for a man?

In Ukraine you have many women who are feminine and beautiful. It is really true that these women you see on our site are single and in search of a man. One of the reasons is that there are more single women than men in Ukraine.

I don't believe they are real. Can they seriously be looking for a man?

All of the women you see on our site had an interview and we keep in touch with them. You can be certain that you are dealing with a real woman who has serious intentions.

Are Ukrainian women materialistic and looking for status and power?

My experience is that Ukrainian women primarily look at how you are as a person. After that they look if you can offer them a good life, in the sense of that you can take care of her and of a future family. In general they see the man as the breadwinner and who leads the family. Although this doesn’t automatically mean that she will be inactive or want to be a housewife, because normally they are active in the area of self-education and finding a job.

Are Ukrainian women seriously looking for a relationship?

If you've ever been in Ukraine and met ladies there in everyday life, then you should know that they are serious in finding a husband and family. For them it’s one of the most important things in life and a dream that will come true.

Are Ukrainian women not just playing games with foreign men?

If you use fraudulent sites or agencies where ladies get paid for getting acquainted with foreign men, or when foreign men choose a more than 20 years younger and beautiful Ukrainian lady, then obviously men will become disappointed and feel like those women played games with them. If you choose for us then you know that you are in safe hands and that you are dealing with a reliable agency and website.

What are the chances of a relationship with a lady from Ukraine?

Many Ukrainian women are looking for a foreign partner and we are confident that we can help you find your ideal woman. At the same time we cannot offer any guarantees, as some less reliable agencies often claim to do. Good matchmaking is all about people and only you and your potential love partner decide whether or not you want to give your relationship a chance.

Couldn't I find my dream woman online without your help?

Finding the right woman is never easy, especially if you are looking abroad. Moreover, cyberspace has its own pitfalls. How can you be sure the women with whom you are communicating online really are who they say they are? If you deal with Dating Women Ukraine, you have chosen a reliable agency with quality services and with high-quality selection procedures. So our services are not an unnecessary luxury. It saves you time, energy, money and disappointments.

Is it possible to have direct contact with a lady?

We have made it possible that men can have direct contact with a lady as much as possible. A ‘Send interest’ goes directly to the lady. Messages are, if necessary, first translated and then they will be sent directly to the ladies. The ultimate way of direct contact is our service ‘Chat and video chat’. You can read more about it in our 'Chat help' and on our page ‘Services'.

Do the ladies on your website answer the messages by themselves?

Yes, like it should be the ladies are answering their messages by themselves. Unlike some fraudulent websites or agencies, we do not have translators who are always online and who are answering the messages by themselves, instead of the lady for whom the message is meant for. On our website we have serious women, it may take some time before you receive a reply, but when you receive a positive reply on your message, it means that she is interested in you. In this way you can find out who is interested in you or not.

They do not write me. Can there be something wrong?

Traditionally Ukrainian women wait for a man to take the initiative. On other dating sites it is possible you will get several messages without even writing yourself. It is then when you should worry that there may be something wrong. Standard messages have probably been sent out to every man on the site.

How long does it take before women reply to my message?

It depends on the woman who receives the message, some women answer them within a few days and with some women it takes longer. But normally we think a message should be answered within one or two weeks.

Why does it take sometimes longer for Ukrainian women to answer messages than in the west?

Usually the ladies have a busy life. They are busy with their private life and job or study. So they need to make time to answer their messages. And like usually in Ukraine, their family comes first and then their job or study. Their family is very important to them and they can for instance celebrate the holidays extensively together with their family. And about their job, they have to work sometimes for many hours and if they don’t finish their work on time, it could mean they loose their job. In addition, they do not have always direct access to the internet, especially in small villages it is more complicated, there is sometimes even no internet café where they can go to. In addition, when the weather is good, they want to go outside with their family or friends, so that they can spend time in nature, rather then to stay at home where their computer is.

Will the ladies read my messages and reply to them?

First of all, our members get an email notification when they received a message, so they should see it. If ladies won’t read their email on time, then our agent is there to contact the ladies by phone to inform them that they have a message. It is up to the women if they will answer your interest or message, but we ask and encourage the ladies in any case to answer them, even if they are not interested in this man, because it gives men clarity if she is interested in him or not. And of course we find it is also more polite to answer each message. If a lady is reading none of the messages that she received and she appears not to be active (anymore) on our website, then we will put her profile on hold as long as she stays inactive, so that men cannot send messages to her during this time. A man who already sent a message to this lady and she did not read his message, he will get back his credits that he spent on this message.

Can I invite a lady to come to visit me in my homeland?

We recommend you to meet the lady always first in her own country. You never know until you meet her, if she is really your type or not, uncomfortable situations can arise when you invite her and it will not match. And it will cost also a lot of time, efforts and money to invite her first. It is also better not to tempt her with a trip, but to see her first in her own environment.

Why is it risky to invite a lady to your homeland, whom you have never met before?

Because practise shows that some men were deceived by inviting ladies to their homeland. Ladies they have met on the Internet, but never in real life. They sent money to these ladies, so that they could arrange their visa and travel, but in fact this was a way to steal their money.

Why is it not done to invite a lady to your home country and ask if she can pay for her own travel expenses?

First it’s polite and a general rule that when you invite someone, that you take care of the expenses for that person. In Ukraine it’s also more a tradition than in the West that men take care of the women. And it’s also true that for Ukrainian women it’s hardly possible to pay for their travel expenses, because they don’t earn so much in Ukraine and the price level abroad is generally much higher than in Ukraine.

Why is it better to meet with a lady first in Ukraine?

Apart from that it’s for the lady more pleasant when you will meet her first in her own city and that you will make efforts to come to her, it works also better when you contact more women in the beginning stage and that you go on a trip to Ukraine to meet them. Of course your chances are much higher in this way to find the right lady. After the first meetings you know a lot better with whom you have a match or not. And if you have a match then you can ask this lady for a second meeting the next day. And only when you know her well enough, only then it's time to start thinking about inviting her to your homeland.

How can I get meetings with ladies of your website?

The first step is that you request ladies to be their chat partner and then in a chat/video chat you can arrange the meeting with her.

Can you help me with other questions that I have?

Yes, you can always contact us if you have a question. And for men who want to know everything about dating with Eastern European women, we wrote the book called "Finding your Eastern European wife. The path to marital bliss.". In this E-book you will find many answers on this topic.