Our dating agency

What makes us unique and why we can provide the best services is that we are a combination of a dating site and a social networking site. You get the best of these two presented.

You probably know the stories of fake profiles and sites where many unfair practices take place. To prevent this, we have chosen not only a modern site where all opportunities are available to make contact and communicate directly but also for a service so that the risks are much lower and the chances of a successful match are much higher. An important role in delivering our services plays our agent in Ukraine.

Our agent in Ukraine

Because we work with an agent in Ukraine you can benefit from qualitative and reliable services. Our agent takes care of the screening and selection of serious Ukrainian ladies who are looking for a foreign life partner. She keeps personal contact with the women who register with us. She checks and translates letters; it provides good and safe communication. Our agent can assist you at the first meeting in Ukraine; the sequel is up to you and the lady. So you are in good hands and this increases your chances of success.

Ukrainian women that we register

Indeed, Ukrainian women are genetically very beautiful and are family-oriented. Ukrainian women are looking for a man who can give them the deep understanding that they are women and they are taken care of. Marriage-minded women from Ukraine are looking for the support of men, which they are not able to find in their own country. They are serious about marriage and family and they are looking for a future husband who will lead the relationship and family.

Social networking site

We offer an advanced social networking site so that you can make contact and communicate directly. We make use of the advantages of this medium. But only a social networking site is not enough if you want to become successful. Therefore we offer next to a social networking site also our services. We have chosen this because in practice it shows that a random social networking site or site without a dating agency is unsafe and is a breeding ground of unfair practices. Often they have no control over their members and that is because on such sites participants are not checked so that fake profiles can be found there. In addition, the communication is not being checked which causes unfair practices to occur. In fact, all they do is offer the opportunity to become a member, but nothing more. These low accessible websites may perhaps be free of charge, but in this case, you can say that cheap goods are dearest in the long run. Unfortunately, most of the men confirmed that with these sites they met a lot of dishonest ladies. If you choose our services in combination with our social networking site then you don’t have to worry about that, it will save you time, money, energy, and disappointments.

The origin of our dating agency

Unfortunately, getting through to a good dating agency, fair website, and honest lady is not always easy; often dating abroad starts with meeting a lot of fraud agencies, websites, and ladies who are standing in the front row to take money from men. Helping men to avoid that they come into contact with fraud in the market of international dating, is the main reason why I started up my business and my website, Datingwomenukraine.com, in The Netherlands. It arose from an idealistic perspective in order to offer the best possible alternative for less reliable parties. The new dating agency works on matchmaking principles and contains all that is needed to give good and reliable service. If this service would be offered everywhere; it would save a lot of time and energy for men who wish to meet with feminine and traditional Ukrainian ladies. At the same time, it is very important to realize that your success in finding a serious relationship can be found around the corner. I was often surprised by the sincerity of Ukrainian women who are looking for a serious relationship. So do not waste your chances!


Dating Women Ukraine is more than a quality dating site for single men and attractive Ukrainian women. We are also a source of information and an interactive platform. You can comment on news blog posts, share experiences, and lay down your questions for other visitors and our dating agency to answer.


You can read our newsletter for the latest news. On the left side of every webpage, when you are not logged in, you can subscribe yourself. What to expect? Relevant news about dating in Ukraine, reports from our national or international media, new features on the website, new registrations of single women, and links to interesting blog posts, to name just a few. We will keep you informed.


We know what it's like to give someone your trust and have it betrayed. Dating Women Ukraine makes every effort to save you such an experience. You will see for yourself that our approach is characterized by 100% personal service and reliability. Trust is the basis for any relationship, both in love and in business. If you are looking for a Ukrainian love partner, trust is twice as important. For you, the single man, for the bachelorette, for us as a mediator, for our agent selecting the ladies and supporting you during your trip, in short, for anyone who is involved. We will not betray your trust.

Knowledge and experience

You will see how nice it is to cooperate with Dating Women Ukraine. To join hands with a partner who will guide you from your first registration until long after your first meeting with your Ukrainian lover. You benefit from our knowledge and experience with the country and with international dating. This will also help you fend off any less than honest parties.

Secure network

Unfortunately, many unreliable parties offer their services in international dating. Both women and intermediaries may come to you with bad intentions. From our own experience, we know how painful and costly this can be. Therefore we have invested a great deal of time in building a secure and reliable network. With us, both the men and women are in very safe hands.

How it works

It all begins with some initial exploring. You look around our website and decide whether you want to join, in order to take advantage of all our services. You are now just four steps away from a meeting with your potential dream woman.

1) Join
Without any obligations and no charges, you can sign up. From that moment on, you can search details of the ladies, view photos and videos.

2) Get in touch
Are you interested in any of the ladies? You can get in touch by sending messages or by requesting a chat/video chat through our site. An exchange of letters or having a chat/video chat can be a pleasant start of your acquaintance.

3) Invite
You have found one or more ladies with whom you have enough common ground? In your correspondence or chat/video chat, it is possible to invite ladies for a personal meeting.

4) Meet
Once you have made a date with one or more women, you will go to Ukraine to meet the ladies who could be the love of your life. Naturally, we can also schedule all your dates in consultation with you. We can give you information and advice when booking your trip.

If you have any questions please contact us. We will answer your question as soon as possible.

If you are interested in a serious relationship, then we invite you to have a look on our profile page with our lovely Ukrainian bachelorettes.