Our agent in Ukraine

Agent and matchmakerOur agent in Ukraine has many years of experience in the international matchmaking. She speaks fluent English. She has the qualities and experience to provide good conditions and an optimal service, so the chances of a successful match will be many times greater.

Safety and precaution

Our agent works full time for our customers. And her commitment is important for the quality and safety of our services. An advanced social networking site alone is not sufficient, practice shows that on sites without services a lot of things go wrong. That's why we offer our services to ensure that the risks are much smaller in any case.

Recruit Ukrainian ladies

Though the big supply of Ukrainian ladies on various websites suggest otherwise, it's not so simple to get a great quality database of ladies. That's because not every Ukrainian woman is interested in a relationship with a foreign man and willing to leave her homeland and to leave her family and friends behind. Of course many women are willing to choose for the love of their life when they have to make a decision, surely it means a great deal for them to share their happiness with a partner and to raise a family. But not every Ukrainian woman wants to choose in advance for the possibility of finding a foreign husband and to sign up. That is why it is necessary and important that our agent makes efforts to find suitable ladies.

Screening, selection and a personal contact

Our agent checks ladies who sign up and keeps a personal contact with them. As a result, she can form a better notion of the ladies and find out if the ladies meet the requirements we set, namely single and seriously looking for a relationship with a foreign man.


Our agent helps to avoid language barriers. She does this by checking messages and to translate them, it ensures a good and safe communication. If needed, she can help you with interpreting during a video chat with a lady. And at the meetings she can be present as an interpreter and hostess. She can also help to avoid misunderstandings, because she is aware of the cultural differences.

Introduction meeting

You have successfully made your dates with several wonderful Ukrainian women? Congratulations! We can assist you in organizing your first dates and assist you at the first meeting in Ukraine; the sequel is up to you and the lady. You can read more about it on our 'Services' page or contact us directly through the 'Contact us' page.

Assistance in Ukraine

Once you have arrived in Ukraine, you can be supported by our agent. Even if this is your first visit to Ukraine, her personal assistance will make you feel right at home. Our agent is ready to assist you and will provide all kinds of information and advice. She has extensive experience in international dating and will give you useful tips about relationships in general and how you can increase your chances of success. She will help you, should the first dates not lead to the desired result. If you wish, she can help you find new ladies. Of course, this includes planning the new dates. She will also do everything in her power to make your stay as pleasant as possible. In everyday life, people almost exclusively speak Russian or Ukrainian. This means our agent is a great help when it comes to communicating. You can always call her, if you have trouble communicating, if you can't find your way, or if you have any other problem. You will also receive information and advice about the city, local customs, attractions and transport. And practical answers to questions like: where do I find an internet café, how can I make cheap calls to my home country, where can I withdraw or exchange money, where is the nearest supermarket, what are good and affordable places to eat? If you are interested in this service, then send us a message through the 'Contact us' page and our agent will answer your questions.

In short

Our agent plays an important role in achieving success. She does her work with pleasure and she gladly helps you on your way.