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You are not the first, and probably not the last, who has thought about the possibility of finding a girlfriend or fiancée in Ukraine. This is the country where the most beautiful, charming, feminine women in the world live. It is the truth; no country in the world has such a large amount of gorgeous women per square mile.

Besides their looks, Ukrainian women have plenty of other positive qualities. They combine femininity and intelligence, practical knowledge and quality education, sexuality and propriety.

It would take a long time to list all the qualities of Ukraine’s national heritage, their women, but as the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” For this reason, since ancient times, foreign men have followed their dreams and arrived in Ukraine. They found the women of their dreams there and returned with them to their homeland, where they live happily to this day.

Not everyone who has pursued Eastern beauties has been so lucky. Some men found happiness after two, three, five, or even ten attempts; some are still looking…so, in order to be among the lucky ones, being fortunate is not enough. You need, aside from the desire to find someone, very specific knowledge. This book will provide you with all the detailed and important information you need!


What the book contains and how it came into existence

The book “Finding your Eastern European wife. The path to marital bliss.” was written for those who intend to find happiness in Ukraine or a different Eastern European country. The book contains useful tips on how to conquer the heart of the proud and beautiful Ukrainian women.

This book also contains valuable advice, so you can protect yourself from unnecessary frustration. Learn how to avoid encountering dishonest people in the business of international dating, or deceitful women who are only after your money.

Note that the writers of this book have drawn on actual information and experience gained from people who shared in the same desire you have - finding a life partner abroad.

A unique quality of this book is that one of our authors hails from Eastern Europe while the other is from Western Europe. This dual perspective provides the book with objectivity and a more complete view, drawing on the experiences of people who work or have worked in the dating industry.

Moreover, the authors of this book have researched and used scientific evidence written by various authors from different countries; this gives this work an enhanced value. Still, the main goal of this book is to help people find happiness and love.

Why this book will help you to be successful

The book contains seven chapters that show you the best way to find happiness, and tips to help you overcome any obstacles and setbacks that you may encounter. The first chapter, “You are Welcome to the World of the International Matchmaking” contains a detailed analysis of the market of international dating, descriptions on the types of websites and various agencies, and the advantages and disadvantages each provides. The second chapter “How to Find a Woman who is perfect for you” will help you understand and evaluate common mistakes that prevent a man from meeting the right woman. The third chapter, “Market of Ukrainian Brides” describes all the advantages of Ukrainian women, in what regions you will have a better chance of meeting the best women, and what they expect from an international marriage. The fourth chapter, “East-West: At a Crossroads of Different Cultures” explains the differences in Eastern European and Western cultures. It will give you tips about Ukrainian culture and traditions so that you can establish a good relationship with the woman that you have chosen, as well as her family. The fifth chapter, “How to Build the Adequate Relationships” can help you build lasting, stable relationships; this chapter can also help you avoid the same mistakes that some men make when they have fallen in love. Reading this chapter is a must if you want to be successful. The sixth chapter, “Whom to Choose: The Girl Next Door or Femme Fatale?” needs no further description; just read the chapter and make your own conclusions. Finally, the last chapter is called “A Few Tips which help you to keep a Relationship”. This is the chapter which helps you the most, years after the wedding, when you need to focus on your mutual feelings and your new family. This book is perfect for you.

Do you want to be successful in finding happiness? All tips and advices will save you a lot of time, energy, money and disappointments.

Short description of the authors of the book

Angelina Krok: Graduated from university and has been working as a journalist and editor since 1996. She was born in Ukraine but currently lives in the United States after she married an American man in 2008.
Ronald Jutte: Founder and owner of the dating agency Datingwomenukraine.com. He has experience with dating in Eastern Europe since 2005, particularly in Ukraine.Author Ebook

The authors express their gratitude to Daria Riabchenko
for her help in preparing the book for publication.

Details of the E-book

Issue date: 6 April 2013
Authors: Angelina Krok and Ronald Jutte
Content: 58 pages
Language: English
Use: can be printed out for personal use, and opened without the need of a password.
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"For about a year, I am actively searching for a relationship with someone from Eastern Europe. Actually from the same conception as beautifully described in the ebook of Dating Women Ukraine. So I ended up at a Ukrainian dating site. Experiences with those elsewhere were with varying degrees of success. That is why I kept on searching, in particular for Dutch dating sites focused on Ukrainian women. Moreover, I had during this time, by these varying experiences, many questions, and only a few answers. Thence that the ebook of Dating Women Ukraine a very welcome surprise for me was. And besides that, also the way they help me at this agency and on this website. The book I have read within an hour. And reread a few times. It has given me many answers to the questions that I had. Actually I found each chapter very useful. And I think the book is very useful for anyone who is looking seriously or who will be looking seriously for a relationship with a Ukrainian woman. The book gives a good insight into cultural differences, backgrounds, matters that you can run into and possibly how to reduce the chance of disappointments. I find the book complete in terms of chapters and it’s pleasant to read. The examples that are described make the book lively. Furthermore, I find it important and very useful that the book is written from the perspective of the Western man as well as the Ukrainian woman. I think the book is highly recommended! Nico"

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