The meaning of Motherhood to Ukrainian women

For centuries, women fought for the right to determine their own destiny and their own role in the world. They refused to accept a set of ideas about traditional gender roles imposed by society. And it was a women's achievement of the 20th century – the feeling of freedom in choosing. That is why, in today's world, motherhood is a personal choice of the person. But, despite that, a lot of people will say that being a mother is the most important thing in a woman's life. There are her nature and vocation in that. The same reality exists for Ukrainian women that they choose for themselves.

The importance of Motherhood

Many Ukrainian women want to have children. This is their dream and mission. Motherhood is not a nature's choice, it is the choice of every woman. Generally, for Ukrainian women, love cannot exist without compassion and self-sacrifice for the sake of her loved one and her children, and without loyalty or support. That is why a loving mother is a special person for each family member. A happy childhood of her kids and family happiness of her husband depend on her.

Love and support

A loving Ukrainian woman will never demand much attention, many gifts from her man. She just cannot be demanding or rude, because she does not want to offend or hurt him, even mentally. She will treat her kids with the same love by being a caring mother and wife. A thoughtful Ukrainian woman will never allow herself to lay around the house all day. She does not have time for talking on the phone for hours or visiting a fitness center. Her days are planned out in advance. She needs to prepare breakfast, take the kids to school, help with their homework and much more. A Ukrainian mother is always on the move and it is her pleasure.

Home comfort

A Ukrainian woman always creates a warm relationship and home comfort. Well-being at home, harmony within the family and children's happiness depend on the woman. There are love, understanding, humility and patience in her nature. A Ukrainian woman is doing the best she can even if she has to sacrifice her sleep. She can find a way out of any situation without help from anyone else. And she will never reproach anyone for lack of sleep or money. A woman knows that she has to do a lot of different things in order to raise her children in a way that they can have the best life in the future. These include: attending the children's clubs, sport groups, foreign language circles, and so on.

Mother's duty

For a Ukrainian woman mother's duty is a very responsible and difficult mission, entrusted to her by nature. And she will be responsible for it to God and society. If required, a Ukrainian woman would take care of everything, for example, cooking, washing, ironing, cleaning, shopping and earning money. That is to say, a real Ukrainian mother has got enough on her plate. She knows that nothing should be let slide or be postponed. Of course, a woman can share responsibilities with her husband, grandmother, grandfather, friend or childminder, but everything should be controlled by her.

The right approach in any situation

In any situation, a Ukrainian woman can always find the right approach, comforting and encouraging words. She treats everyone warmly and wholeheartedly. And she is just trying to make herself useful. Everybody feels calm and comfortable in her presence. It is not fiction about a superwoman, it is a real image of a Ukrainian woman who was born to fulfill her destiny – having and bringing up children. A loving and caring woman who was brought up in a happy family, will create the same one. It cannot be otherwise! And, of course, in a healthy and happy family children are good-natured when they grow up. Those children are not prone to violence, rudeness or disrespectful attitude towards their parents or others.

Perception of true values

In today's progressive and cruel world people should be more compassionate trying to show concern and sensitivity to each other. Knowing it, a Ukrainian woman helps her children to adopt a correct perception of true values that have nothing to do with lie and connivance. She teaches her children to be grateful and honest people. Of course, nothing can compare to a mother's love and patience. However, if she wants her child to be a loving and worthy person, her love should not be blind. And if required, a Ukrainian woman can be tough but fair on her children.

Motherhood and responsibility

Therefore, motherhood does not turn a woman into a real woman. It is the opposite. Only a woman, who knows herself and her future mother's role, can define her motherhood. She makes her own decision to become a mother and take responsibility.

Motherhood is the most precious gift life offers a woman. That is why, we wish every woman to experience the joy of Motherhood!


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