Ukrainian women are relationship and family oriented. They would like to have a relationship and family. For them, this is an important part of their life happiness. In Ukraine they can't always find a suitable partner, hence they start also looking abroad.

Reasons why Ukrainian women search also abroad

Moreover they hear good stories about foreign men. Namely that they possess good qualities and that they take care well of their wife and family. Ukrainian women are looking for a stable relationship and in their country they cannot always find it. One reason is that men follow in general less good education than women. Their perspective on the labour market is therefore less. As a result men can get into troubles and he is not able to start or to build up a stable relationship. Ukrainian women also know that other problems can occur in Ukraine marriages.

Problems that can occur in Ukrainian marriages

Sometimes the lady finds her partner, but then it turns out that he is not a suitable partner to build up a loving relationship and family. The problems that may arise can be various. First one is that men take not enough responsibility and do not enough for their relationship and family. Secondly is that the economic situation is not good and that makes it difficult for many men to take care of his family. Alcohol abuse can be the result, because for men it can be the escape from a hopeless situation. And thirdly is that in practice women need to work hard. Not only because they like, but also in order to earn sufficient income. Sometimes they have even multiple jobs. And next to it, they often need to do all the tasks in the family, because her man withdraws himself from his duties. All together it causes that the divorces in Ukraine are high.

Divorces in Ukraine

We give you now the statistics of divorces in Ukraine. The divorce rate in Ukraine went down in 2009 and 2010, but the scores are nevertheless still high. The statistics show that in January 2012 Ukraine is on the fifth place in the world of countries with the highest divorce rate. Ukraine has a score of 3.79 % divorces. USA is on the third place with a score of 4.19 % and Russia is on the first place with a score of 5.30 % (Source The fall of the former USSR and the bad economical conditions contribute to the high score.

More women than men

Another reason is that in Ukraine are more women than men. The difference is nowadays smaller, but still present. In other countries, for example the USA and countries in Europe, the man/female ratio is nearly equal.
Here are the statistics of the CIA World Factbook, figures of January 2012 for Ukraine:
At birth: 1.06 male(s) / female
Under 15 years: 1.06 male(s) / female
Between 15 and 64 years: 0.92 male(s) / female
65 and older: 0.49 male(s) / female
Total population: 0.85 male(s) / female

The category of 65 years and older has a bad score. Namely 10 women on 5 men. That's because many men died in the war and because the life expectancy of men is much lower than among women. This is 74 years for women and 62 years for men. We look now to the category in which men search mostly their partner, namely between 15 and 64 years. The number of males is 0.92 for each woman. So here you have more women than men. In other words on 10 women there are 9 men. And if you take into consideration that men are more frequently not available for a relationship or for a family than women, than the difference is even bigger.

Her future

All together it causes that Ukrainian women are looking also abroad for their partner. It is a serious option for them, because for the ladies it is a chance to find a better life and future there. A future that she can share with a loving man. And with whom she can build up a serious, warm and loving relationship and family.

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Admin - Agency

  • Posted 123 months ago
Hello Andre, when I read this I think we are talking about the situation that you have never met her before. From my experiences, I advice you to meet a lady first in her own country. I learned the hard lesson by inviting a lady to my country who I met on the Internet and never met before. You never know until you meet if she is really your type or not and if she can be trusted or not. Uncomfortable situations can appear when you invite her and it will not match or worse that she is using you. It will cost a lot of time, efforts, money, to do it like this. For the lady it is also nicer if you will meet her in her own city. Ideal situation is in my opinion that you contact more women in the beginning stage and then you go for a trip to Ukraine, your chances are much higher in this way and you get probably less disappointments. After the first meetings you know a lot better with whom you have a match or not. And if you have a match then you can ask this lady for a second meeting the next day. Ronald


  • Posted 123 months ago
Dear mr/mrs, For a few months, I am mailing and calling with a woman, and she lives in dnepropetovsk. I am a Dutchman and living in Spain, I want her to come for a short period and I know she needs a visa invitation to come to me. She has no money for a visa application and she did not ask for money, but I have offered it myself to her. And then via western union, is this wisdom or honesty on her part. Though she answered all my questions and she never asked for money. I don't worry about the 100 euros, but I don't want to be fooled around. Do you have any tips for me.
Best regards, André
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