Why there are so many sayings about love in the world? Why do we know so many types of love? We hear and we tell very often the words of love, but do not even think about the meaning. We say: "I love my parents, my children, I love animals, sweets, etc ... ". We use this word so many times a day that the innermost meaning of it is simply lost.

The meaning of true love

Every day, many clients of mine are asking me to find their true love. When I ask them about their understanding and image of true love, they are lost in conjectures and cannot give a definite answer. And it is quite natural, because the understanding and representation of love is purely individual.

While talking about love between a man and a woman, I usually hear remarks like: "I want him to love me more than everything and everybody in the world, I want him to buy me gifts every day, I want him to show the affection and love towards me each second and I want him to do everything I tell him."

Family happiness

All these remarks could be understood at some point, as the person who loves somebody wants to get as much attention from their beloved as possible. And, perhaps, I would have thought so too, if not a recent instance. Life led me to a very interesting and wise man, with whom we discussed the issues of family happiness. I asked him about the principles that must take place in a family to maintain and carry warm relationships through all the years of life. And then he told me only one word. This word was for me a revelation and insight. Sacrifice.

Sacrificial love

You must love your spouse with a sacrificial love. With this kind of love, the person is ready to do anything. Literally everything. Sacrificial love is giving and not expecting anything in return. A person, whose love is sacrificial, knows no boundaries of loyalty, devotion, respect, awe and tenderness. For the sake of their beloved, they are willing to give up everything: their time, their labor, their health, their tenderness, even their lives.

For me this is the true definition of love between a man and a woman, which everyone should strive for. If both spouses possess self-sacrificing love, they will carry feelings through their life time. Every day they will entertain each other and do everything possible to ensure that their second half is happy.

This is the greatest happiness to feel and to possess self-sacrificing love.

I wish everybody to feel this deep and pure feeling of sacrificial love!

Be happy.

Daria Riabchenko

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  • Posted 96 months ago
"Sacrificial love is giving and not expecting anything in return.": If BOTH gives, YES. However, the risk is that a lady finds her too often as giver....? Since my marriage ended in the spring of 2012, I have asked myself exactly about what love is. What feelings will be needed to qualify as "love", and not just "like"? I once read that love is to know you can leave any day,but you stay because you want to! Being together makes life a lot better than living alone. To feel content, and make the effort to do your respective best to keep on feeling content?! I also think a couple need some "critical mass" of activity of interest. Something to enjoy DOING together on a more or less regular basis. Something to talk about.... Basically, though: Do you feel anything inside when embracing your partner, when embraced? Or is it just....flesh contact? I want to feel warm inside when I embrace my partner. THAT is LOVE, perhaps? Smile
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