Why do men and women love each other?

A Man and a Woman are different. It has always been so and so it is now. Then what makes them search the world for each other, establish relationships, try to find a common language between both? Is it love? Is it sympathy? Is it a habit? Or is it really the predestination of the two sexes, two firsts - the male and female? 

Love is a wonderful feeling!

Why or for what reason do people love each other? This question must have occurred to anyone, whether they have already experienced love or not. In most cases, the answer to this question is that love is the most wonderful feeling that ever existed on Earth.

We love not only the opposite sex, but we also give our love to our relatives and friends. People love each other because this is the gift given to us by nature. Imagine what it would be like if we lived in a world where there is no love. First, we would not be able to become close. There would not be any attraction between people. As a result, there would be a division between male and female. Men would live separately from women and just wouldn't notice them, and women would lead the same lifestyle. In the end we would have the stop of procreation.

The mission of a man is to continue the race!

But if you think about the meaning of life, it’s just the continuation of the species that remains our primary mission. In order to continue our family, we unite with the person who is close to us in every way, we assess our soul-mate, both in appearance and spiritually, we subconsciously find the person who will contribute most to the continuation of our species.

So maybe the reason why people love is our subconsciousness? Perhaps, we fall in love not under the influence of fleeting impulse, but for the necessity? Why do we need love then?

Love is the salvation from loneliness!

This is why. People cannot live alone in this world, sooner or later every person comes to the point when he wants to find his life partner. That’s what the concept of love is for. Love helps us to get close to the opposite sex, to conceive and give birth to children and stay together for the whole life. When living together over a long period of close relationships, the person begins to have a wide range of emotions and feelings for the partner, which only grow stronger, on condition of the so-called reconcilability of the characters. Mutual respect, friendship, trust and confidence of the shared future, sexual attraction and much more, is what constitutes the feeling called love.

To love means to live with meaning!

When people love, they become kinder, pure of heart, and altruistic. They are smiling, happy, ready to embrace the whole planet. People love each other, in order to have a life filled with happiness, joy, meaning. Because when you are in love, you are capable of anything! Just imagine how hard it is to be single in this huge world.

Therefore, all people try to find a mate, to start a family. Those who do not must be really angry with life or disappointed in people. But again, this emotional state is temporary. Once time heals all their wounds, people start their search for love again. They restart their lives; learn to trust, to dream, to hope anew. Once again, the world becomes bright and vivid for them! And it no longer looks like it is difficult to live on earth. And there are no more bad thoughts that used to trouble you. Searching together with hope is a light-giving search. You must not waste it!

To love is to be sincere!

But! Don't try to love just because you need to love someone. With feelings, there is no room for simulation! You can't lie either to yourself or to the feelings, which were granted to you by fortune. You might not have another chance. Learn to love and appreciate those around you right now. It’s always harder to find than to lose.

So why do we need to love? To give away your love, while feeling and taking these emotions in, and get the feeling back. That’s what life is all about, a true life, without hypocrisy, a sincere life. Love is a need, like breathing.

Love...Appreciate...and be honest...


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  • Posted 84 months ago
I believe love is the most difficult puzzle there is. It only consists of 2 pieces, woman and man, but sooo difficult to make it work.


  • Posted 85 months ago
It always turns around the same. You try to give first and than you wait if something happens in return. It can be everything but it should hit you. than there comes place for more. But time is an element in the international seeking of a heart. My humble but sincere comments. M i c h e l


  • Posted 88 months ago
To love is the most beautiful thing that can show one person to another, the most beautiful feeling that God has given us. Love must be honest, sincere, committed, fighter, enterprising, faithful, etc. Must be a reciprocal love, a love in the good and the bad, fighting to be better in couple and family. And my heart is desiring to give the most beautiful love.
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