Meet Ukrainian women first in their own country

From my experiences, I recommend that you meet a woman in her own country first. This way, your chances of finding someone are much higher and you’ll have fewer disappointments. 

Inviting a lady to your own country

I learned this the hard way after inviting a lady to my own country, whom I had met on the Internet and not in real life. I couldn’t tell if she was really my type or not, or if I could trust her.

If you invite her first, uncomfortable situations can arise; you two might not match or, even worse, she could be using you. This will cost a lot of time and efforts, not to mention money. Also, the woman will be more comfortable if you meet her in her own city.

The benefits of meeting women first in their own country

In my opinion, the ideal would be to contact more women at the beginning, and then book a trip to Eastern Europe. This way, your chances of finding someone are much higher and you’ll have fewer disappointments. After the first meeting, you’ll know which people you have a match with, and which ones you don’t. If you have a match, you can ask the person on a second date.

If you meet her in her own city and environment, you’ll be able to see how she lives and what kind of background she has. This will make her feel more comfortable, because she’ll be safe and at ease.

Deciding to meet in another country

I’ve heard that some men decide to meet a woman first outside of her own country, like taking her on a vacation to a tropical paradise. I believe that these men and women are not doing things right, as she’ll get a nice trip and gifts from this man, and he might receive pleasure from this woman until he’s satisfied. Almost like a business deal, but this doesn’t lead to a serious relationship.

For those with more serious intentions, a man and a woman might choose to go to another country after they’ve met in her own. Since she might not be able to get a visa to go to his country that easily, they can have a sort of vacation in a different place. Nonetheless, it’s best that they meet in her country the first few times.

Ronald Jutte

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  • Posted 83 months ago
Абсолютно правильное решение. Первое свидание лучше назначать в стране девушки - это даст возможность лучше узнать круг ее интересов, она будет "раскрепощена" в своем поведении и не будет чувствовать себя обязанной за оказанное внимание и гостеприимство, избавит некоторых девушек от финансовых проблем (увы, многие хорошие девушки не имеют достаточной финансовой базы для длительных путешествий). Встречи могут происходить в комфортной и привычной для девушки обстановке.

Absolutely correct decision. It is better to appoint the first date in the girl's country - this will give an opportunity to better know the circle of her interests, she will be "liberated" in her behavior and will not feel obligated for the attention and hospitality showed, it will save also some girls from financial problems (sadly, many good girls do not have a sufficient financial base for long travel). Meetings can take place in a comfortable and familiar environment for a girl.
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