Nowadays we are dating a lot more on the internet. According to a statistical report recently published in The Netherlands. They researched where Dutch people find their partner. Before the year 2000 people didn't meet their partner on the internet, but now 9 percent meet their partner on the World Wide Web. Dating sites play an important role in this success. Meeting each other by going out dropped down from 46 to 35 percent.

What can be the reason

One of the reasons could be that we live a busier life now days. When we come home after work, we are tired en that is why we go out less. It makes it easier when a dating site can help you and it saves also time. Another reason can be that on a dating site you know that a lady is single and she is looking for a serious relationship. And when you go out you don't know who is single and who is not. Was it a bit of taboo in the beginning, now days it becomes more accepted and even popular. People hear success stories of people they know and they see that it can give good results.

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