Secrets of the photogenic nature of Ukrainian women

For most women it's more important how they look in pictures than in the real life. However, you can often meet women who, on the contrary, look better in the real life than in photos. What's the secret? And the matter is hidden in the female photogenic nature. 

Scientists, photographers, and psychologists continue to argue about the photogenic nature. Where does it come from? And most importantly, how does it happen that people lose it? Why a woman, who seems to be not remarkable in the real life, in photo looks better and more attractive than recognized beauties? Because it appears that to be beautiful and natural in photos is a difficult thing. But not for Ukrainian women!

In many ratings of the most sexy and most photogenic women of the world Ukrainian ladies are invariably on top. They become symbols of female beauty, icons of style, favorites of photographers and leading world fashion designers. Let's find out what is the secret of the photogenic nature of Ukrainian women.

Why do women need the photogenic nature?

Modern society can't be imagined without photos. The features of cameras, tablets and smartphones make it possible now to capture every moment of life. And everyone's favorite selfie takes far from the last place among women's photos.

You should agree that we all want to have beautiful photos which can be shared on social networks and be showed to our friends. And since a person is often perceived exclusively through the image on the Internet, everyone wants his or her photos to be up to par. And that's why every woman wants everyone including herself to like her photos and she does her best for it.

Ukrainian women look almost always great in photos. It doesn't matter at what age: they always look young, incredibly feminine, very stylish, and photogenic. How do they do it?

Drive and coquetry

It's not enough just to have a bright appearance to look well in a photo. It's important to have your own individuality and drive. To do this, Ukrainian women don't feel shy to fool around a bit, to coquet or to play about while photo taking. Look at the photos of Ukrainian women! Women avoid a boring facial expression, unnatural smiles and poses. In each picture Ukrainian women are real coquettes and actresses! They also rarely stand at attention or stand staring at the camera - this is the most stupid thing to do while a picture is being taken. And just without making such mistakes Ukrainian women are always satisfied with their photos.

Make-up and hairstyle

To look well in photos, Ukrainian women give special attention to their make-up and hairstyle. Namely, in photos their make-up is always different from the usual everyday one, it's much brighter. And having long hair, they don't clump it in a tail nor hide it, but on the contrary - the flowing, well-groomed hair looks very beautiful in a photo!

Look and smile

Ukrainian women know their face very well and find some special appeal in it. They never hide their eyes. Not without reason they say that the eyes are a mirror of the soul. With the help of their looks women communicate through photos, make their thoughts and mood clear. Therefore, a beautiful look is the right means to develop the photogenic nature. The smile is the next point. Ukrainian women show it for about ¾, since the toothy smile is only suitable for stomatological services advertising or a new toothpaste. For a natural photo it should be light, spontaneous and not too noticeable.

Shortcomings of appearance

As for the shortcomings of the body or appearance, women are also peerless! Ukrainian women try to avoid too tight-fitting or too loose clothing because it can emphasize all the shortcomings of their body. Therefore, many people can’t even guess women have shortcomings and defects because they can adroitly and skillfully hide them.

Also, if a woman doesn't have very beautiful teeth then she doesn't grin and only nicely plays with the corners of her lips. And if she doesn't even have a smooth beautiful skin then she tries not to take a close-up photo because close-up photography needs a special process. It emphasizes even the slightest shortcomings of skin and requires the excellent photo technique, professional make-up and a very experienced photographer.

Also, Ukrainian women try not to take pictures early in the morning, so that their face is not swelled up, and in this case it's enough to wait at least a couple of hours after sleep. A day before the photo shooting they don't take alcoholic drinks and salty food.

Correct foreshortening

If you look at magnificent photos of some women then you can see that they are made in only a few successful foreshortenings. Therefore, Ukrainian women find the best foreshortenings to become photogenic. To do this, they carefully analyze their photos in which they like themselves. At the same time, women give attention to such details as a smile, a pose, head bending, a look. And women memorize them, first practicing in front of the mirror, and during the next photo shooting they just try to repeat them.

Women also learn not to look right at the camera, although this is an ingrained habit and it's difficult to get rid of it. But if they learn this trick then they will behave naturally in front of the camera, make unusual and interesting foreshortenings where they look as good as any famous model!

Ability to love yourself

Of course, every photo is another opportunity to see and take a good look at all own shortcomings. It is natural that many women around the world are not ideal and always try to hide these points but the motionless image makes them treat their appearance more critically.

Some women treat themselves too severely, find defects of every feature and every awkward pose. However, they don't think over the fact that people around them absolutely don't notice these shortcomings. Such women just create an ideal image for themselves and try to meet it. And if the result doesn't satisfy them, then they discard everything because of the lack of photogenic nature.

Some women panic at cameras and just become motionless in front of the objective with a stony face, unable to move. The reason for such behavior lies in the fear of the surroundings. They are afraid that surrounding people will treat the photo with the same criticality and severity. Although, the fear of the camera may also have deeper roots which go to childhood and are associated with a lack of love and attention from parents and family.

However, Ukrainian women almost always look absolutely amazing in photos. It's nice to look at their photos. In other words, it turns out that all Ukrainian women are a priory photogenic since their birth. How can this phenomenon be explained otherwise?
In fact, this is because of confidence and self-love. A Ukrainian woman is simply not afraid of the camera, she knows how to look photogenic, she is happy and enjoys the process, so the photos are lively and women are beautiful and photogenic. Everything is very easy!

In fact, all the poor photos of people are the result of complexes and problems with their self-esteem, such people feel constrained, begin to smile unnaturally or pose in a strange way. Therefore, the photos are flat and lifeless.

As you can see, the secrets of the photogenic nature of Ukrainian women are not so difficult to understand. To be photogenic, you just need to love yourself and behave in a confident and natural way in front of the camera, revealing your natural charm and attractiveness! And it's also important to forget about your shortcomings, find the best foreshortening and just trust your photographer.

The Ukrainian photogenic nature consists in the appearance of a woman and in her state of mind. And it means only one thing - everyone is photogenic and you just need to discover this potential in yourself!


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