Great power of gratitude

What does gratitude mean for you? How often do you thank your family and friends, the Universe or God for no particular reason? Why should we thank and say thank you? You must admit that these are questions of current importance! 

Ukraine is far from being on the last place for the courtesy among the European countries. Ukrainians know how to thank and they say thank you to each other for any reason and without it. They even do so when they forget to thank someone during the working day and remember it only in the evening. Since decent people do not call at such time to thank, next day Ukrainians surely make notes, namely to call and to say thank you.

Although, it is not a secret that in the post-Soviet countries people face problems regarding the courtesy. People have simply dropped out of the habit of saying thank you for compliments or any service they got which is caused by economic needs and political problems. As a rule, in such countries people just smile in response or thank if they are in a good mood.

However, the issue of gratitude has always been important for Ukrainian people. Apparently, the feeling of gratitude not only brings pleasure but also causes pride for yourself and for your nation. Therefore, Ukrainians always thank for services, even when they are petty but made with smile and love. This is a fact! At the same time Ukrainians do not take offense if someone forgets to thank them.

So, what is gratitude?

Gratitude is a powerful and positive flow of energy. It is a feeling of appreciation for some good done for you, for example, for a rendered attention or service. When we thank, that is, we give the good to other people and to the whole world, - the good returns to us! As for those people who radiate negative emotions, they get them back as a confirmation of their message.

Thus, to give the good is undoubtedly one of the most important virtues of our world. It is on the same level with such manifestations of morality as mercy and justice are, and being closely intertwined with them, it finally forms the thing we call the human attitude to life.

Gratitude in everyday life

Is it necessary to appreciate everything that we all currently have? Surely! When we are pleased about something and feel gratitude for things which happen to us, then we automatically open ourselves for a greater number of aspects we can thank for. The similar is attracted to similar which is the law of attraction in action.

The more often we notice and appreciate the present moment, the more reasons for gratitude we have. Unfortunately, we often forget to thank. What a pity! We do not thank:
- children since we believe they must do their domestic chores;
- friends, taking everything for granted from them;
- our partners we have relationships with, thinking that he or she must do all those things.

As a result, we all feel the deficiency of gratitude. We treat both day-to-day life and everyday actions as something that goes without saying.

So, considering the feeling of gratitude through the prism of the human attitude to life, you can state that in the modern world this virtue has almost lost its value, importance and significance. People, taking everything for granted and living in the age of consumption, created the cult of material values and changed the meaning of morality.

People remember gratitude only when everything is good: there is money, pleasure, joys of life, etc. When they face difficulties, issues, any vanity, they do not care about gratitude.

It is necessary to thank for everything!

In the meantime, it is necessary to thank for everything: for failures, for mistakes, for blunders and difficulties, and not only for success since gratitude is the openness to everything that life brings us as well as the acceptance of all the events and phenomena.

Therefore philosophers defined gratitude as the mother of all virtues because at birth a human gets the highest gift - the life for which they have to be a priori grateful. The further goal of a moral person is to keep this feeling, to supplement it with other virtues, such as justice, mercy, generosity, responsiveness and to carry it through the entire conscious life and to share it generously with others.

There are three levels of gratitude.

The first level is the gratitude for everything good we received and which is happening to us. This is the simplest level on which we thank the Universe or a person for some bright positive moments, particular actions or things.

The second level is the gratitude for the regular, undistinguished things our life consists of. Ask yourself how often do you thank yourself for doing morning exercises, walking in a park or buying a new book? How often do you thank your family and friends for the evening spent together, for a cup of tea or just for the fact that you have them in your life? We do not have a habit to thank for things that seem to be ordinary or obligatory components of our lives. Just imagine such a situation in which our world would not consist of these small and pleasant things? Have you ever thought about it?? You should have done! In that way, the second level of gratitude is given to us in a more complicated way because in this case it is necessary to be more attentive to details of your everyday life and environment, to notice constantly something good even in those things which seem to be ordinary.

Perhaps, the third level of the gratitude is the most complicated since it is the ability to thank for troubles, misfortunes, sorrows and offences. Yes... for all those things you also can and even have to thank treating them as your experience, training, opportunity to change something in your life and in yourself, as a life lesson. You can even thank people who evoke a feeling of displeasure because they are as the mirrors which reflect your hidden features.

What does the habit of showing gratitude give us?

You should constantly seek to cultivate gratitude as a habit in yourself throughout your life. It originates a desire to focus on the best things, to notice the positive details. It evokes positive expectations. When we get accustomed to noticing positive details, then our subconscious mind changes and gradually we begin to expect just positive events to take place in our world. Such a habit creates the faith and the conviction about the fact that the world is a safe and comfortable place. It forms around us a strong positively charged energy field which leads to positive changes and actions on the part of the environment and the world, and attracts every possible good to our life.

It is important to say thank you to ourselves

It is not difficult to notice that thanking is a serious ability that requires training and preparations. Does it sound strange? Not at all! Many people simply do not know how to do it. Even thanking themselves is a problem for them. Then how can they be grateful to others? To force yourself to say thank you for no particular reason, when you do not have to do it, is something that not everyone is capable to do. Why is it complicated to say thank you for being a part of your life or for being near you at the particular moment to a person you love or to a friend? Some people treat it as something bizarre. They think they will lose face if they say it aloud.

Gratitude as a way of life

In that way, gratitude changes our view on life and finally changes ourselves. At that moment when we begin to feel gratitude, situations begin to improve, and then we see opportunities to change them. Complicated and insufferable situations change radically. We treat ourselves better and also our ability to positively influence our world and people who are around us. We are in a better mood, conflicts turn into harmony, stress turns into a state of tranquility. When gratitude becomes a way of life, then success, happiness and health become the norm for us. And vice versa. When we feel anger, fear, sadness or depression, it means that we lost the feeling of gratitude.

Gratitude is the key to a happy and successful life.

Gratitude supports us and attracts to us the things we want to get. We become a magnet of our happiness. When we bring gratitude to our life, it renders to us. When we feel gratitude, people, just like the richness of the Universe, start to get attracted to us. If you found a coin when you are experiencing financial problems, just get a strong gratitude feeling and you will attract more money to yourself.

When we thank for circumstances and events in our life which we need to overcome, and we are aware of the reason of this trial, the act of gratitude turns the negative experience into a positive one. When we express gratitude, we attract people and circumstances for which we will be grateful. This is the magic of gratitude.

To sum it up, it is hard to disagree with the statement about the great power of gratitude. Gratitude fills our hearts with joy and allows to see the truth which gives us power to make the right decisions and to take the appropriate steps. When our heart is grateful, we can see the best in every situation and in everyone with whom we meet to discover their best aspects for ourselves.

We always choose by ourselves how we want to live our life. Choosing gratitude as a life postulate, we will surely live a happy healthy successful life.

Good luck to you, friends! Let gratitude become the best and basic part of your life.


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