Social networking site

We distinguish ourselves by offering services next to our social networking site. It creates a safer place to make contacts and to communicate. And there is a greater chance of succeeding in finding a relationship with a Ukrainian woman.

On our social networking site you have it more in your own hands. So we do not want, as many marriage agencies or dating agencies do, to stay at all times between the man and woman in order to sell as much services as possible.

We have invested a lot in our advanced website, in order to have a site that is optimized for a good matching. A good matching is important, it will save you time, energy, money and disappointments.

Bachelorette Ukrainian ladies

Because our agent in Ukraine screens and selects Ukrainian ladies, you will find on our site only unmarried ladies who are looking for a serious relationship. Our agent also maintains a personal contact with the ladies so she stays informed if circumstances change. Our agent also ensures that women remain active on our website by contacting ladies if they do not read their messages in time. If it turns out that a lady is no longer active then we will put her profile on non active, so that she will be no longer visible for men and hence no messages can be sent to her. This ensures that we have an active database with serious and single Ukrainian ladies.

Safer social networking site

We make use of the advantages of a social networking site while we take away the disadvantages by offering our services. Of course you can use free social networking sites and dating sites without agency, but then you take a big risk. Because on these sites there is no screening and selection, which causes that there are present fake profiles and ladies who are interested in the benefits of dealing with a foreigner, but do not have the aim to have a serious relationship with a foreigner. This is evidenced by the practice and often you will only find out when it's too late, it costs unnecessary a lot of time or even worse. Members of such sites can go their way undisturbed, because the communication is not checked. The only thing these sites in fact do is offering the possibility to become a member, but nothing more. We offer our services next to it, because we want to offer a safer social networking site and an alternative for these unreliable sites. Our only goal is that we want to help men to find a serious relationship with a Ukrainian woman.

The real world

On our social networking site, it is more like how it is going in the real world. So you can be turned down by a woman if you are searching outside your category. So do not expect as with some unreliable marriage or dating agencies that all twenty years younger gorgeous ladies want to have a date with you, that's just because they want to sell as much services as possible to you. On our social networking site it is more similar to the real world, giving you a fair chance of finding your life partner and not wasting your time and money on unfair practices.

Your account and profile

When you are registered, then you will have full control over your own profile and account. For example add photos, customize your profile and change your settings. You can purchase credits and view the balance of it. With these credits you can send for example messages. Received and sent messages can be viewed in your message folder. You will receive a notification by email when you will receive a message or a virtual gift. If you are temporarily unavailable for any reason, then you can put your profile on hold by yourself until the moment you are available again. And once you have found your life partner, then please inform us and we will remove your profile for you.

Selecting and searching successfully

In contrary to many social networking sites we offer you the possibility to search for your dream woman on the basis of your criteria. You can look for the right Ukrainian woman in great detail. The ladies profiles are a treasure chest of personal information that you can use at your discretion to make your search easier. This will limit your searching and it will save you time.


Our website offers you effective ways that can ensure that you will find easier the right lady for you. It is important that you will get a better impression of the lady so that you can see more quickly if she is your type. The profiles contain not only a lot of information, you can also view photos and videos. Also, the communication plays an important role in the matching.


To avoid language barriers, messages will be translated when it is needed, in practice it appears that many Ukrainian ladies are not yet able to communicate independently in English. You can first send interests to gauge whether women are interested in you, ladies also have the possibility to send these interests and these are free to open. If you want to get to know a lady better then you can send her a message or request for a chat/video chat. You can read more about this on our services page.

Safety and discretion on our website

We want the best for our members, therefore, discretion and security is our top priority. It is for those reasons that we protect our members from the outside world, this is achieved because login is required on our website. So its not so, in contrary to many websites, that your personal data can be viewed by non members and can be indexed by search engines and thus it will not be spread over the Internet. In addition, our site is protected with the SSL certificate, this is to ensure that your personal or bank data will not fall into the wrong hands. If you will be hassled by one of our members and you would prefer to have no contact with this person, then you can block this person by choosing this option on the profile page of this person and you can also choose the option on this page to report this to us.

Mobile solutions

You spend a lot of time on the road and you want to utilize the lost time better? No need to worry, because we provide our site also with mobile solutions. So now you have the possibility to visit our website on your mobile phone and to use it in a simple way. In this way you can easily keep in touch with your favorite Ukrainian ladies.

Fast and user friendly website

You are also annoyed by slow and clumsy websites, where it sometimes seems to take forever to go through the database? Not with us, because we have a user friendly and super fast website, so you can use our website without any problems.

Life happiness in your own hands

We invite you to have a look in our database of single Ukrainian ladies and to go find your dream woman based on your criteria. By making contacts and communicating directly, you have your life happiness in your own hands. We wish you good fortune on the path of love.