Matching with a Ukrainian

Matching is important for your success. We offer on our website effective ways to find the lady that is right for you. To increase the odds of success, it is important that you are realistic about your chances.

Don’t look for the perfect woman, but for the woman who is perfect for you

We advise you to consider ladies who are attainable for you. Though it may sound disrespectful, this is simply a matter of supply and demand, and we encourage you to be realistic about your chances. A more successful and beautiful woman will generally have higher demands for a relationship. If you cannot offer her happiness, satisfy her social and financial needs, give her children and a happy family, or if there is a large age difference, chances are that you will not be able to start a relationship with her.

Men sometimes look for the perfect, most attractive woman. They have an ideal of what a woman should look like, and give in to the gorgeous Ukrainian women they see on dating websites; the problem is that these women aren’t always looking for a serious relationship with a foreigner. This causes the man to have a distorted view of women and unrealistic expectations, which makes them disappointed when those expectations are not met. We advise you to be realistic, as this will improve your chances for success.

Important to realize yourself

First, try to realize that you as a man should take the initiative if you want to create a successful relationship with a Ukrainian woman. Often they wait for a man to take the first step. This is because Ukrainian women are more traditional and not so emancipated as for example women living in the west.

Also try to realize that it costs time to connect with a Ukrainian woman and to find out with whom you have a match. This is because in general they have not so much free time to communicate, the availability of Internet is not so high as in the west and sometimes she needs also some time to get acquainted before she will meet him. So start on time with your interaction with women on our site, especially in case you plan to meet them in the near future.

If you realize this, then you are already two steps ahead. Now it is time to start.

Make a good first impression

Try to promote yourself. Show the best profile photo you have and add more photos to your photo album. You can also edit the thumbnail of your profile photo to optimize it. Don’t forget that the first impression is the best one. Write also interesting texts about yourself and what kind of woman you are looking for, this will certainly help in your search.

Showing recent photographs ensures that you will not be surprised, but that you get a real view of the lady and of course, it works the same the other way around. We see the importance of it and encourage that recent photos are standing on the website, for example by offering a free photo session to the ladies.

Another important aspect in the matching is watching videos. This allows you to get a better impression of the lady. Not only a better view on how she looks, but also on how she moves, talks, laughs, etc.

Matching on distance

We have created a simple and effective aid for matching on a distance and that is matching via the favorites. It works as follows. Once you are subscribed, you can browse through the database for women you would like to add as favorites. If the lady adds you too as her favorite and it therefore is mutual, you have a fan and a match has been created. You can find your matches back in your fans and list of favorites in your users’ menu. It is therefore worthwhile to thoroughly search for your favorite lady and add as many ladies as possible to your favorites. Because the more favorites you have, the greater your chance is on a match. This is a nice and spontaneous way which can create matches and it can be the start of a further acquaintance between the two of you.

The ideal would be to contact more women at the beginning. This way, your chances of finding someone are much higher and you’ll have fewer disappointments. With the 'Send interest' you can find out in a fast and direct way if your interest is mutual. Then you can begin to correspond with the 'Send Message'. We check and translate these messages, so that no miscommunication occurs and it also takes place in a safe environment.

When it is getting more serious between you and the lady then it's time to make the next step. In a chat/video chat you can have direct contact and you can talk to her face to face like in reality. We offer the tools to avoid language barriers. Chat/video chat is the ultimate way to find out if the lady of your choice could be your type.

Matching on distance is a pleasant way of getting acquainted and a good introduction if you want to meet her. It is also wiser and a better way than to travel to Ukraine at a venture. Because a good matching saves you time, energy, money and disappointments.

Matchmaking service

When you need our help with matching you with ladies on our website, then you can use our matchmaking service. Our agent knows all the ladies on our site and she has a lot of experiences in the international matchmaking.

After she gets more information from you, she can determine what chances there are for you and which ladies you might have a match with. More information you can find on our 'Services' page. When you want to start using our matchmaking service, then you can send us a message through the 'Contact us' page.