A Ukrainian woman with a child and a new relationship

Nowadays in Ukraine more and more often there are women who are not only unmarried, but also whose relationships are quite rare. And although she might be pretty, skilled and educated - in one word, almost perfect, her personal life does not go off well. And there is the question whether men do not notice her, or whether the problem is in the woman herself. But everything is much easier - she only has a child and it’s difficult to build up a new relationship. Alas, but in the modern world, a free Ukrainian woman with a child is not a rarity and a proof of this is the annual divorce statistics in Ukraine. So, it's no wonder that a foreign man can choose a companion who already has a child from a previous marriage.

Trio - she, her child and a man

And what is a Ukrainian woman supposed to do? What are the feelings of a foreign man, when he finds out that his woman has a child? And what are his actions when a beloved woman loves not only him, but also her child? Unfortunately, now the position of many men and not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe, concerning a woman with a child, is simply startling. It seems that these women have already been branded, since there is a "burden" which is not needed by any man, so these women should remain alone until the end of their days. What is the cause of such attitude? What kind of stupid stamps? What kind of selfishness?

A child and changes in the woman’s life

We are all adults and it is clear without words. Of course, the child 100 percent will cause adjustments in the relationship between a man and a woman. After all, no matter how much people love each other, even daily inessential little things can interfere with their joint happiness. And here is a child who will always be in the first place for the mother. It goes without saying that every woman, and Ukrainian women are not an exception, is changing with the appearance of a child in her life, since the changes from now will affect her whole life.

When a woman has a child from her first marriage, she behaves differently with the men than a woman without a child. And it is true. A Ukrainian woman is already responsible for a small life, therefore she often looks for a reliable foreign man who can take care of both of them in the future. Perhaps, she is less demanding of his external parameters, however she looks attentively at the material and inner well-being - in other words, is he capable to be a good father or not. And, it should be noted, she acts as such not because of her selfish nature, but because of the banal maternal instinct and the desire to provide a better future for her child.

The existence of the child cannot be hidden

It often happens that because of the fear of losing a man, a woman does not always immediately tell him that she has a child. And this secret period in the relation is prolonged for a long time. But in vain. You cannot keep the existence of the child secret. Perhaps you should not start your acquaintance with this, but delaying the story of the child is not worth it either. It is necessary to put all your cards on the table at once in order to see the real face of the chosen one. Because, whatever strong feelings a man has for his woman, the news about a child is a blow for him. On the one hand, the earlier it is inflicted, less chance there is that the man will decide to continue the relationship. And on the other hand, if he does not find out about this at once, he will wonder why he needs such a companion in life, who hides such important details. Sincerity in any relationship should be in the first place.

To win the heart not only of the chosen one, but also of her child

It turns out that if a man has serious intentions, then he will take everything as is and will try his best to make a beloved woman happy. Moreover, he cannot fail to understand that a Ukrainian woman who has a child in her arms will try to do everything to maintain a perfect marriage, because life has already taught her and she is more responsible, unlike her "competitors without children." However, do not forget that the man has to win the heart not only of the chosen one, but also of her child, and he will have to accept and understand that the children in the life of Ukrainian woman occupy one of the most important roles. She knows a man from a certain period, and her child from the moment of conception, so do not try to compete with the child. In general, if a man has serious plans for a Ukrainian woman who has a child, only then he has the right to participate in their lives. A man should cherish his woman and should want to make her happy. And a child is an integral part of it, so it means that he needs to make both happy.

Strong man for an independent woman

Undoubtedly, a woman in Ukraine, who remains alone with the child, finds strength very quickly and becomes independent and strong. This is facilitated not only by personal setbacks, but also by the difficult economic and political conditions of life in Ukraine. But, when a woman meets a man, she wants her and the child to be protected. Therefore, such a man can only be strong, namely a man that does not only insist on his own opinion, but sometimes can admit his mistakes and listen to the opinion of his beloved woman. Thus, in this situation, the man is not in a favorable position for himself. Realizing that a woman still needs support from the strong man, he, nevertheless, must take into account that in the first place for her is the child. And it is through him that lies the path to the heart of the Ukrainian woman. Will he overcome such path? Well, if only he could find a reason for that.

A lot of reasons: from love to calculation

1) The first and the most important reason is love. If a man loves a woman, then he loves her child. And with all his behavior and actions, he will show it. He will surround them with warmth and care, but he will not try to replace the father of the child. And this is a quite common reason why children do not like their stepfathers - their desire to become a new father for the child, which causes them to protest.

2) The second reason is that a man despaired of finding a life companion in the past and the children did not enter the scheme initially. If the woman is in the same despair, then he has every chance of winning her. This is more like a marriage of convenience, however, the calculation is two-way and mutually beneficial. Here it is possible to carry a situation where a man for some reasons cannot have his own children. In this case a woman with children is for him a way to create a whole family.

3) The third is the great self-esteem of a man. He takes a woman with a child and makes a kind gesture of goodwill, and this is self-affirming, first of all, in his eyes, and, of course, he constantly hints at this to his surrounding, friends and relatives. True, such a man should be a good actor, in order to be able to hide from his woman his true face and intentions.

4) The fourth reason why a man makes a choice in favor of a woman with a child is "sports interest." A man loves difficulties, and to win the heart of a strong woman and her child at once is a kind of "grand prix" at the contest.

5) And the fifth reason is a net calculation. Here everything is clear. True, a financially secured woman is unlikely to need such a life companion, which will later hang on her neck. But in any case, the most important is the first reason. If a man loves a woman, then he loves her child.

The result of all of the above. Women! Remember for yourself!

If a man is in love with a woman, then he loves the children with the mother of whom he lives. After all, children are a part of the woman he falls in love with. This is the choice of a man who is not afraid of difficulties and does not consider a woman's child from a previous marriage a burden, no matter how trivially it may sound. And a man in love cannot fail to understand the advantages that this situation gives him. The Ukrainian woman is always grateful for love and care. A woman with a child in her arms is doubly grateful for this. If there is no love, then the man will stubbornly look for any little things in order to escape from this woman. And the child will only be a convenient excuse. Society persistently continues to bend the line that children from previous marriages not only do not interfere, but even help to build relationships with a new partner. Maybe that's the way it is. I believe that there is love at first sight. And I also believe that there is a gradual rapprochement and building relationships. Therefore, if you love, then whether there is a child or not - it will not matter. But if it is important to him in the beginning, then he simply will not fall in love.

Men! And this is for you personally!

If you are not interested in doing even the minimum that is given in this article and you are not ready to tolerate a woman from Ukraine, moreover with a child - there is only one way out. Do not fool yourself or a woman! Build relationships with a woman without a child, if you cannot be a support for them. And she will find a man who will love her and the child. And if your choice fell on a single woman with a child, then you are responsible not only for her, but also for her child!

And already by tradition, the wish at the end of the written, to adults – sincere love for you, and to children - a happy childhood!


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