The age difference between a man and a Ukrainian woman

The relationship between a man and a Ukrainian woman is amazing and multifaceted. And each love story is unique! Each pair has its own motives and feelings, its calculations, its preferences and its own family background! 

In Ukraine, women, first of all, are driven by love and the need for stable relationships, which recently are much more likely with foreign men than with Ukrainian ones. And in modern society there are different international couples and families, where the age difference reaches up to 20-30-40 years, as well as vice versa, too little difference, like 1-2 years or even the same age. Believe, in the life of each of these pairs are both joyful moments and misunderstandings, and it's not surprising that many partners from such unions are worried about how big or small their age difference is, how important it is at all between a man and a woman.

Of course, a lot depends on whether the Ukrainian women and the men from Europe are ready to do their best to preserve the union, for in such a tandem one of them will dominate, and one will make concessions. But the relationship can be affected by the age difference of partners, it must also be taken into consideration when starting a joint life. And indeed, society treats such couples with a certain distrust, and sometimes even censure. Therefore, some people initially taboo relationships where the difference in the age of the spouses exceeds the norm, and deliberately avoid such acquaintances. However, let's analyze all situations: in which a man is older than a woman, a woman is older than a man, a man and a woman are of the same age, and we answer the question - what should be the optimal age difference between a man and a woman and how it is important and necessary in the relationship.

A man is older than a woman

All our life we were told that a man should be older than a woman. This model, in which a man is older, is classical, and in many cultures there were the whole traditions, when a young girl purposefully was given in marriage to an adult held man. In Ukraine, this model has also been practiced and still exists. This was done so that the man could "walk up” before the creation of the family, get a profession, climb the career ladder, buy a house and provide a material future for his family. And now this model is quite common and often for the first time a man marries when he reaches the age of 30-35. Such marriages are considered to be the most strong and successful, because their existence is hampered neither by the difference in interests between the spouses, nor by the lack of financial capital, since some men usually already receive certain material independence at that time.

And in spite of the fact that families are also popular today, where the husband is older than his Ukrainian wife by 20,30, 40 years, in society couples are best perceived with the difference between partners not more than 10 years. Otherwise, marriage can be prejudiced, gossiped about and misunderstood by relatives and colleagues. In addition, in couples with such a difference, more children are born than in other unions, this is proved by many sociological studies. Indeed, only by the age of forty men begin to treat their fatherhood consciously, which allows a woman to give birth to more than one child. Couples of peers or unions with a large age difference often lack either financial means or the desire to have many children.

Despite insurmountable obstacles, happy marriages where a man older than a woman by 20 years or more exist, though they are quite rare. Someone considers this to be fate and heavenly craft, but one thing is important: it is a relationship in which a man and a woman appreciate spiritual closeness, inner beauty and are ready to work and improve themselves for achieving harmony in the pair. In such marriages, sexual life can be no less bright and passionate than in peer relationships. Of course, true love creates miracles and many Ukrainian women do not regret their choice. Such a decision about such an age-old marriage should be weighed, because the Ukrainian woman should understand what she gains, and what she loses having such an alliance.

A woman is older than a man

The model of relationships, when a woman is older than her man, is the most discussed and censured in many countries. And still the conservative society of Ukraine does not particularly welcome these unions. A young husband is often called an alfonso, and his mate is an old maid. And yet, such a marriage can develop happily. Think about it, if the difference in age does not exceed 5 years or slightly more - it's not such a big difference. Especially if such a marriage is registered after 30 years.

If a woman is older than a man by 10 years or more, the chance to build a long-term relationship is significantly reduced. But there are advantages in such relations. If an adult Ukrainian woman is patient and wise, there will not be any special problems in marriage, because an experienced woman is dominated by a subconscious desire to create and preserve her family. And to maintain warmth and comfort in the house, a woman will do everything in her power, as she understands what is required for a young man, both in terms of emotional support and intimate life. She deals easier with ordinary daily troubles and small quarrels, so a man in such relationships feels welcome and loved, and he needs less effort to make peace with a woman after a conflict. In addition, it is known that after 30 years a woman develops sexuality, which the young husband is quite able to satisfy.

However, such a relationship also has its drawbacks. The difference in age makes a woman jealous and suspicious, because the fear of aging before the man and seeming uninteresting to him and not sexy – is quite big. Some wives because of this will seek to control all the movements of the spouse, and this is not what any men would like. In addition, women with a strong character can suppress a man with their authority and life experience, and not give him the opportunity to prove himself, the man will feel like he is in the background.

Thus, in order for a marriage where the wife is older than her husband for 10 years or more to turn out happy, only love is not enough. Unfortunately, the love that exists at the beginning of relationship quickly passes and then the spouses face a huge number of difficulties. This is the usual for any marriage lapping characters and testing household difficulties and the problem of a noticeable aging of a woman. Unfortunately, you cannot run from nature, and at a certain age a woman cannot hide her signs of withering.

Despite all this, many married couples in which a woman is older than a man manage to build a long and harmonious relationship. If people have a common goal, if they are both passionate about some business or case, or immensely respect each other, then of course there are chances to create a happy family.

A man and a woman of the same age

A model of relations where the age difference between a man and a woman is minimized is the most popular model of relations in modern Ukraine. Today there are many such unions. According to the modern statistics, marriages between men and women of the same age are very early, because young people marry their peers up to twenty years after school or in their student years. Certainly, this model of marriages has many advantages: common interests, common friends, equivalent life experience and open perspectives. Such a marriage will be equal, because spouses grow up simultaneously and learn all the joys and burdens of adulthood.

The fact that spouses which are too similar will just bother each other can be attributed to the disadvantages, because with time they can even predict the actions of each other, and boredom is not the best companion of family happiness. In addition, the lack of experience in both partners can lead to many quarrels and rash conflicts that can destroy the union. Also, in such an alliance, someone has to be a leader, and very often a woman performs this role, which is not to the liking of an immature and an emotional man.

Is the age difference important?

Perhaps the answer to the question whether the difference in age between a man and a Ukrainian woman is important is more than clear. The difference is not important! As it was possible to notice, in each model of relations with various age differences there are both positive and negative sides. Therefore, it is impossible to say what, in the end, will be the best option. Sometimes spouses of the same age get divorced a year after the wedding, and an absolutely unequal age marriage, which by all rules should not be successful, exists for many, many years. The optimal age difference is a deeply subjective concept, and each person has its own. The difference in age does not matter, only the relations and joint happiness matter!

Harmony and age match

Apparently, the most important thing in the relationship between two loving people is interaction, mutual respect and attention to each other's needs. In this case, the harmonious development of relations and their longevity is guaranteed, and harmony assumes the absence of conflicts and the ability to detect them in time. Such wisdom appears only with time. The most important is that people match each other and complement each other in different aspects. Attention and respect for the needs of another person cause reciprocal warm feelings and thus maintain the necessary balance in the pair.

Therefore, in the world there is nothing ideal and there is no specific age-match that would guarantee a happy future for the couple.

And as for public opinion, both a man and a woman from Ukraine or from any other country need to decide for themselves whether each of them is ready to feel some discomfort for the sake of relations, or whether they should find the "right" and socially approved relations.

Therefore, look with your heart and let prejudices never stop you!


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