What do men appreciate in the Slavic and Ukrainian women?

To marry a foreigner is a dream of many Slavic women, and Ukrainian beauties are no exception. Why do we, Slavic and Ukrainian women make a choice in favor of foreign men? Do they have something special? 

It's very simple. Most of the men in the West want to feel the warmth, peace, comfort, want to be with a devoted, reverent and sensitive woman. And Slavic and Ukrainian women are exactly like that. Therefore, men want to feel it all, they seek for this kind of women, they get acquainted, meet, and there are many successful couples to prove that.

Foreigners have a very responsible approach to the issue of creating a family. They are excellent husbands and caring fathers. They can be relied on both in family and in public life. So, it’s not surprising that the number of Slavic women, who want to build a serious relationship with foreigners, is increasing year after year.

Now! Dear women!

What are men looking at?

Since foreigners are incredibly responsible and family takes a very important place in their life, they are serious and deliberate in searching for their sweetheart. They always consider all the "pros" and "cons".

So, if you are a single Slavic and Ukrainian woman, it will be definitely useful for you to know what men are looking at, when you get acquainted. After all, men already know that appearances can be deceptive. So, they look at something else, namely, at the following:

1. Social life of a woman

First, men need a woman with her own social life, who has friends, acquaintances, colleagues, who loves interesting and fun life, not just staying home with him, baking pies and speaking about love only. They would even rather take a favorable view of the woman who is at least simple, but regularly meets for coffee with a colleague of hers. Yes, men notice how many friends you have and what relationship you have with them, because it characterizes you as a socially open person with whom they will not be bored. Of course, talking about love is necessary, but....A man appreciates it when a woman shows her love and care, instead of just talking endlessly about love.

A man wants to see that he is important to her. This is particularly evident in the genuine care. Just help him when he is tired or sick, surprise him, listen to his problems. Demonstrate everything you would like to say to him. A man will appreciate it. And amaze him with your culinary skills, pamper him with goodies. Because the hackneyed but still valid truism, which has been working faultlessly for years, has not been cancelled yet -- the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Of course, this way is not the only and perhaps not the main one, but it is one of the main, and we shouldn’t forget about it. Men love women who cook, and those willing to learn how to do it even better for the sake of their men. Remember that!

2. Women’s purposefulness and strength of mind

The next thing that men notice about women is their dedication, backed by their fortitude. You need to have your own definite goals. The woman should not only be able to explain for certain how she sees her life in a year, two or 5 years, but also really and sincerely want it. Of course, you don't have to tell the man everything, but if you have goals, dreams, ambitions, then share them with him! Even if their realization is still far away, no one is more attractive than a person who knows exactly what he wants and goes for it. So, women's sense of purpose is important for men!

And then, along with the determination, men welcome one of the best women’s qualities which is the strength of mind. Of course, sometimes the woman should be weak and defenseless, sometimes she can even let the man save her from some problems and look after her. But he must know for sure that in a difficult situation you will also be there and help him overcome everything. He must feel that behind his fragile and delicate woman is a reliable support.

3. Women's sense of humor

Of course, men love women with a sense of humor. Most men appreciate this quality; indeed, how can we do without it! Especially if you are going to live together, you will soon become bored without humor. In addition, a good joke can conciliate different conflict situations. It’s normal and natural to be serious when doing a serious business. But if you are unable to relax and have a good laugh together when you get a chance to, then you are not living life to the fullest. Men love it when a woman laughs at their jokes. Moreover, you should be able to laugh at yourself as well, it will help you greatly in life and in relationships. So try to be humorous and develop it.

And one more thing, a woman who does everything willingly and excitedly, is more attractive for men. Stop complaining that you don’t have some things, you’d better start to appreciate what you already have! Happiness is not about perfect beauty, wealth or a prestigious job, but to be able to value and respect yourself and realize that you are an amazing and unique woman who deserves the best. Be happy to meet and accept gratefully each new day!

4. Women's sincerity and simplicity

Banal as it may sound, but men want a sincere, direct and simple woman. Yeah, exactly simple! Be yourself. Let him see you as you really are, then your feelings will be true. Enjoy yourself and life, let everything happen naturally. The ability to enjoy simple things and to express emotions sincerely is one of the qualities that men value in women most of all. They love it when the woman suddenly starts dancing, while working in the kitchen, or starts to hum her favorite song in a funny way, when dusting the window sill. They will be more likely and glad to surprise you, if they know that you will react positively, excitedly and sincerely. They like to see a real woman that is not afraid to look ridiculous, with no false smiles and modesty.

There's nothing wrong with being sometimes a Princess for him. But it is also important to show that you know that life is not always a bed of roses and that you are not afraid and disgusted of dirty work when it is necessary. May simplicity help you! Of course, she must care for herself, but in moderation. Actually, men appreciate the fact that you are well groomed, as this means that you want to please him and that he is important to you. However...most men appreciate women's moderate naturalness.

5. Her directness and ability to compromise

Another important factor for men is the woman’s directness and ability to compromise. To have a strong and successful relationship, the partners should communicate openly and frankly. This does not mean you need to speak aloud whatever you think about, but it does mean to let him know clearly when something has hurt or upset you. Obviously, straightness is closely bound to compromise. Therefore, any man would be pleased if he knows that his darling is ready to compromise and find the solutions to satisfy them both.

Be aware that ultimately, personal qualities are much more important than appearance. The lovers can't live happily ever after together, if they do not find a common language and do not learn to give in to each other. If you can't say directly what you want, what you need, then nothing will improve in your relationship. The man would rather find the one who is willing to discuss problems, instead of being silent, so that he will wonder what’s wrong. If you start your romance with numerous fears and prohibitions, then you will have trouble getting into close contact for real. For, when a man goes on a date searching for a girlfriend, he wants the one who is ready for a relationship, who is not going to be capricious or play games.

6. Women's courage and experience in love

And one more point! Men like bold women! Don't be ashamed of your previous love experiences and never let the man make you feel unworthy of a true relationship because of your former lovers. All you have had before you met him became part of what you are now. Even if you have a child or two, don't be afraid to talk about your children. The man who needs a serious relationship will appreciate a woman with experience. He will definitely take the woman even with a child and will raise him as his own.

These are just a few of the basic qualities that men value in women more than beauty. Fortunately, this whole set is found in Ukrainian women. So, Ukrainian women get along well with foreign men, find their happiness abroad, marry and live happily ever after. In fact, according to the statistics, the number of divorces in international families is much lower than among mono-national ones.

So, dear women! Come on! Go ahead to your happiness! Perhaps, somewhere over the ocean, your soul mate has long been waiting for you.

Have a happy family life and mutual love!


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