Seminar for Ukrainian women about international dating

We noticed that Ukrainian women have many questions about finding a foreign man for a serious relationship. We as an agency, want to help you by giving more insight in how foreign men are like and to make the gap between different cultures smaller. In this seminar we will discuss the most common topics and pit falls. And we will help you by giving tips and advice. 

Topics that will be discussed:
• How are foreigners like
• The differences between men from the west and Eastern Europe
• Differences in culture and traditions
• How can I make a good start on the website
• How can I meet a foreigner in person
• Ways to increase your chances
• And much more!

With a difference in culture and traditions, it is normal that during the dating process questions will come up. Our agency is always there to support you. In the seminar you can ask your questions and we will try to answer them for you.

Questions that may come up:
• Why are foreigners looking for a Ukrainian woman?
• Are foreign men looking for a serious relationship?
• How can I improve my profile?
• How will the interaction start?
• Should I write a letter first?
• Who is taking the lead?
• How can I achieve a better communication in my letters?
• What kind of cultural differences are there?
• How should I deal with my feelings and emotions?
• Are foreign men traditional?
• Is it a problem for a western man if a woman has a child?
• Should I meet just one potential partner or more?
• How can I avoid language barriers?
• At what stage can I ask a man for support?
• How can I have a face-to-face meeting?
• Where should the first meeting take place?
• How can I receive an invitation for the dating trip?
• Lots of other important issues will be discussed.

Where will the seminar take place?
The seminar will be given online.

How can I participate in this online seminar?
If you are interested then you can contact us. We will then personally inform you and invite you to this online seminar. The cost of participation is for free.

This informative dating seminar is a new opportunity that will provide valuable information you won’t want to miss out on.

We look forward to seeing you at this valuable seminar.

Please put your comment below
We invite women who joined our seminar to post a comment below. It will be very nice if others can read the experiences of the women who participated.

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Admin - Agency

  • Posted 76 months ago
No sorry, this seminar is only for women. You can find a Ukrainian wife by contacting the women through their profiles.


  • Posted 76 months ago
I am from USA looking for Ukraine wife. Can I participate or listen in on this seminar?


  • Posted 83 months ago
Спасибо. Семинар с полезной информацией. Помогает ориентироваться в общении с мужчинами-иностранцами.


  • Posted 83 months ago
Спасибо большое за семинар . Хотелось больше активности со стороны мужчин , наши женщины готовые жены , любящие , умеющие ждать хорошие хозяйки и просто красавицы . От мужчины нам нужно защита , забота и тепло .


  • Posted 83 months ago
Спасибо за семинар. Многое узнала нового для себя. Например, что на сайте всего 200 зарегестрированных мужчин. Представляю какая здесь "конкуренция" среди наших женщин))). Ну, и впервые узнала, что проводятся вечера знакомств.
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