Welcome on our website and blog. We want to give you information and advice about dating in Ukraine. And we hope that we can also help you in finding your second half. We want our website also to be interactive and we want to create a platform for dating in Ukraine. That is why we have also a blog. We will explain now our intentions with it.

Our intentions

Here on our blog we can create a discussion about several topics. We want that you take part of it. You can read our topics and react on it, so that we get feed back. But it is also possible to react on someone else his reaction. So you help each other by giving information. Our task will be that we start a topic, we will give information, we will answer your questions and we will be leading the discussion.

What we hope and expect

This is our first blog and we are hoping to write many more in future. Hopefully visitors will appreciate it and will react so that it will be successful. So we invite you to write a question or comment and to become active. The only thing that we ask from you is that you try to make a positive input and that you respect each others opinion. We will hope that you will enjoy our blog.

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