Workshop - Online dating with Ukrainian and Russian Women

We are getting more questions all the time from people wanting to learn more about online dating with women in Eastern Europe. This started us thinking and we came up with the idea to organize a workshop to help answer all the inquiries. The workshop will give a detailed explanation about writing and meeting women in Ukraine, Russia and other Eastern European countries.

Discussions will include:
• Cultural differences
• Similarities with Eastern European women and what motivates them
• Misunderstandings that have arose from US marketing
• Differentiating from seedy businesses
• Explanations about the phenomenon of professional daters
• Ways to increase my chances
• Pitfalls that you may experience
• And much more!

This workshop will be entirely dedicated to "writing and meeting women in Eastern Europe." It is normal to experience stumbling blocks and have questions along the way. We will help guide you through them as you progress through the process.

Questions to be answered:
• How do I find an honest dating agency?
• How do I start the interaction?
• Is my profile standing out amongst the thousands of profiles of other men?
• Is it really true that there are many women out there who are looking for someone like me?
• How do I know if the woman with whom I am writing is really looking for love?
• How do I get to the next level and have a face-to-face encounter?
• How do I know if I am really writing with the lady actually pictured?
• What are "professional daters” and how do I avoid these people?
• How do I recognize the shady companies who are only in it for the money?
• How do I take the next step if everything is clicking through written correspondence?
• Is it safe to travel to the country of the women I am interested in meeting?
• How do I know if the relationship is meaningful enough to make a trip?
• What should I expect from taking a trip to meet a woman I have met online?
• What differences are there between Eastern European women and Western women?
• What kind of cultural differences may prevent a relationship from being successful?
• Lots of other important issues will be discussed.

Who will offer the workshop?
Ronald JutteRonald Jutte - Founder and owner of Dating Women Ukraine and Dating Russian Ladies. Co-author of the book, "Finding your Eastern European wife. The path to marital bliss." Since 2004 I gained experience in dating Eastern European women, and have visited Eastern Europe several times each year. My experience helped me to start my own dating agency in 2011 to prevent men from online dating scams. Initially, it began by collaborating with marriage agencies. From 2013 it became an autonomous and independent dating agency. My dating experience allows me to give knowledgeable information and advice to those using dating services.

Rienk BauritiusRienk Bauritius – The head coach of School of Seduction, a company that offers education in the field of "intimate social skills." Rienk is a specialist in social interaction, and is trained in the art of seduction. He has several years of international experience as a dating and relationship coach providing international trainings, master classes, workshops and tours. He has been immersed in the world of international Internet relationship agencies and he has gained a lot of experience, both positive and negative, with lots of the websites that you can find out there. His trips to Ukraine helped him to establish contacts with owners of dating agencies and also with meeting lots of women.

We look forward to sharing our valuable experiences and findings with you. How would it make you feel asking all your questions with people who can actually answer them truthfully based on their own experiences?

We will also try to make a live connection with our representatives in Eastern Europe. This will help you learn more about the process and get some important dating tips. They may give you interesting insights that can be seen from the perspective of the Ukrainian and Russian woman.

Where will the workshop take place?
The workshop will be given online in the form of a webinar. Participants receive pertinent information a couple of days in advance.

How can I participate in this Workshop?
We will organize another workshop as soon as we have enough reservations. You can make your reservation by clicking on THIS LINK. Once we have enough reservations, we will personally inform you and invite you to this workshop. So it is important to make your reservation, so you won’t miss this opportunity.

The cost of participation is just € 29,95. The workshop will be given in English. Please don’t miss out on this opportunity as it really has a big payoff.

You want to get the most benefits when searching for a suitable wife. This informative dating workshop is a new opportunity that will provide valuable information you won’t want to miss out on. I honestly wish I had the chance myself to attend such a workshop before I started my quest.

If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please feel free to contact me through the ‘Contact us’ page or calling me at the phone number, +31 6 33 01 07 65. We will do our best to answer you as soon as possible.

Just CLICK HERE to make your reservation.

We look forward to see you at this valuable workshop.


Please put your comment below
We invite men to post a comment below. It would be very nice if men who participated in our workshop will share their experiences. Other men may respond and ask questions.

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  • Posted 94 months ago
I went to a workshop in the Netherlands.
I'm from belgium
Is not at the door, but because I've had several bad experience.
I first wanted to look a little further and I was filled with mistrust.
but it was afterwards proved unnecessary
I had better previously found the site. it was me save a lot of time and money.
time sure
As told earlier, I can only agree.
Ronald and Rienk were good and honest about
They have asked questions and answered my questions
They have also given lots of info
which I must admit I had not thought about it
I have already signed up to the site
The women with whom I have had contact are serious and honest
For people who are seriously looking for the true
I can only recommend the site

With many greetings from Bruges (Belgium) Gino


  • Posted 96 months ago
I found it a very educational afternoon, I have learned about Ukrainian ladies .; and of erroneous dating agencies, and of erroneous online messages. Kind regards Gerrit

Admin - Agency

  • Posted 96 months ago
Sunday 31 January we had our second workshop about online dating. It was held again in The Hague and it was again very pleasant and useful to do. I think the participants learned much about the risks there are when they are in search online. It appeared that they are unaware of them, so I think we helped them to get on the right track and to avoid troubles. It was in a nice atmosphere and very constructive. It is very interesting to hear everyone's story. Rienk could explain clearly from his professional point of view what's behind the online dating and the social interaction. Nina and Aleksandra were also there through a live Skype session in this webinar and could also make much more clear the situation in Ukraine and in particular concerning the women and the dating there. So all together I think it was very educative and the time flew by. I want to thank the participants, Rienk, Nina and Aleksandra for their contribution. Kind regards, Ronald


  • Posted 99 months ago
Hello i'm Remco and the workshop gave me new spirit to find true love. Since one week I got in contact with a lady. We decided to meet each other so who knows love is in the air. The workshop certainly gave me trust that it's not a mission impossible to find a lovely lady. Of course I still have to meet the lady and I don't know if it will lead to what i'm trying to find. Anyway I will jump into the sea and if I swim or drown at least I tried! Merry Christmas everybody and a year full of love in 2016! Remco Rijsdijk.


  • Posted 99 months ago
The workshop was very informative with regard to online dating. It focused on finding a partner from Ukraine and Russia. It was good thing to get knowledge from the owner of this website. The workshop gave information regarding the cultural differences between different regions. Finally it gave a motivation to many of the attendees to visit Ukraine or Russia.
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