What Ukrainian women really want from a man

It is unfortunate but due to unsafe dating business websites and agencies and social media, some people have a mistaken view of Ukrainian women. The beliefs that all Ukrainian women are "gold diggers" who just want to have a rich man are not true. In fact these beliefs are far from reality! Ukrainian women, like any other women, would love to have a stable and secure future for their family. It is not necessary to be wealthy in order to marry them, but it is important to be responsible and care about the future.

A man must know what he wants in life

The most appealing quality they look for in a man is confidence. A man must know what he wants in life and how he can get it to support his family. A woman who has children but does not have an income of her own may ask a man for money. This may not be an easy task for her, but she believes the relationship is strong enough. This doesn’t mean in this case that it is a scam. In fact, when they know each other for a few months and become closer, it’s more natural for this man to want to take care of her. This is a decision the man chooses to make. In general, we strongly disapprove of sending money to a person they have never met. However, it is the man who ultimately makes the decision. We can only warn the men of potential scams. Every case is different and needs to be thoroughly reviewed.

The scam that occurs

A scam more likely occurs when an attractive woman writes to several men asking for money after limited communication. It is important to make a separation between the women who are on the site and the dating organizations. It is most likely that the organization is the cause of the fraud. These types of organizations pay women to be on their website and to communicate with men. On social media, it is more likely that the woman can be responsible for the fraud. However, often times a man or fraudulent organization is behind it creating a fake profile.

For some agencies it is just online business

Some agencies have an anti-scam policy, which basically means you get your credits back when you are being scammed. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything that can be done about the actual cause, like interviewing the women in question. Often times, the agencies are part of the scam. Because on their website, there are translators who answer for the women. And there are also professional daters waiting for you in the chat room, and you pay per minute to communicate with them. A man will never have the opportunity to meet these women. They will look to fulfill the man’s expectations. For the agency it is just online business. Their main goal is to attract men with beautiful women, create a false feeling of security, and to earn as much money as they can.

It is extremely important to use honest, quality websites and agencies. The question is how can you tell the difference?

Here are some basic guidelines that a website or agency needs to have:

  • Provide services, support and information to create a secure place to communicate and meet
  • Create their own database of men and women and not buy databases with thousands of profiles
  • Routinely check on the ladies: interview them, keep personal contact with them and update information
  • Control the communication between their members and give services to help avoid language barriers
  • Provide their own agent in the country where the ladies are located to assist at meetings
  • Promptly remove ladies who appear to be ‘professional daters’ or are not serious about dating

Ukrainian women truly want a good husband and a happy family. You can read a lot about it in our e-book or in the other articles on our site. You can experience your true desires with the ladies on our site and at personal meetings in Ukraine. Then you will find out that Ukrainian women are sincere and serious in their search for a husband. They are the best women and partners you could dream of having.

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Very good, Mr. Ronald Jutte you have done an excellent work, Weldon and keep up your standard.
I visited multiple dating sites, almost all are just wasting the time of users.
I read all about your Agency and the web site you own, i feel myself satisfied.
Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Pakistan
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