We are pleased that we can present you our new website. Since March 2013 our new website is online and since then we have started with our new services.

We hope that you will like them and that they will be useful to you. Our ultimate aim is that you will find your second half.

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  • Posted 23 months ago
Hello Scott, Nice to know that you are interested in buying a membership.
For people around the globe, we have the credit card option available (MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diners and Maestro).
If you cannot pay with a credit card as you say, then for Canadians we have also the option to pay with PayPal, you can connect it with your bank account. We hope in your case you can achieve it with PayPal.
Kind regards, DWU


  • Posted 23 months ago
I would really like to get a membership but I live in Canada ?? and none of the payment options work for me. I deal with RBC and it’s not on the list. I would look forward to getting a membership but the credit card option does not work for me. ?‍♂️


  • Posted 107 months ago
I have on this website only positive experiences in terms of service, payment convenience and personal approach.
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