The do’s and don’ts on a date with a Ukrainian woman

Ukrainian women are modern thinking, although they prefer to follow certain dating customs. They are slightly different from the customs of Western men. Ukrainian dating customs may even be considered old-fashioned by Western men.

The cultural differences probably add a certain amount of charm to Ukrainian women. Thus, we decided to provide for you the commonly used dating customs in Ukraine. Here are some tips for you.

That exciting moment of your first date

  • Wear nice, stylish clothes on a date; for example, blue or black trousers, dress shoes and a collared shirt.
  • When you meet a lady for the first time, do not kiss her on the cheek; the man hands over the bouquet of flowers, but doesn’t shake hands or kiss.
  • Ukrainian ladies are more traditional than women in the West. When you have a date, be courteous and pay attention to her by giving her compliments and gifts. Giving her flowers, open doors for her, or calling a taxi for her when she needs a ride home late in the evening are all examples of suitable behavior.
  • Don’t talk about financial matters on a date, as this can kill the romance. Sexual subjects should also be avoided in the beginning, especially on the first date. People in the West speak very openly about everything, but in Ukraine it is considered rude and improper.
  • Do not forget to ask a Ukrainian woman questions and don’t talk too much about yourself. Your date will be more successful if you express a genuine interest in her.
  • Remember to treat ladies with respect and you will attract a sincere and caring person.

Dining etiquette and table manners

If you invite a Ukrainian woman to a restaurant, it is important to know that dining etiquette is similar to that in Western countries but there are some differences. If you find yourself with a Ukrainian woman at a Ukrainian restaurant, then watch what the Ukrainian people are doing and try to act like them.

  • Hold the fork in your left hand and the knife in your right hand when dining at a Ukrainian restaurant.
  • You can begin eating your meal after a Ukrainian woman invites you to start.
  • Your hands should be visible while you are eating.
  • According to Ukrainian etiquette, the oldest guest must be served first. This is especially true if you are sitting at the restaurant with her grandmother or grandfather.
  • Ask other table companions to pass the item or food to you if it is not in your reach.
  • Try all the traditional dishes when dining at a restaurant with a Ukrainian woman. It will be considered a rude gesture if you refuse a meal.
  • Toasting is an important custom when dining with a Ukrainian woman. It is a cultural tradition while enjoying a meal with two or three people. The most popular toast is "za vashe zdorovya,” which means "to your health.” You should take a sip after the toast even if you are not drinking anything.
  • Do not speak loudly in a restaurant and adjust the sound of your voice to the suroundings. You do not want to attract too much attention.
  • An open bottle must be finished. The empty bottle must be removed immediately and never left on the table.
  • Don’t drink too much on a date; show her that you don’t have any problems with alcohol. Drinking is a big issue in Ukraine, and women look for men who have that problem under control or don’t drink at all.
  • The restaurant bill in Ukraine often does not include a tip for service. It is customary to give about a 10% tip.
  • It’s common in Ukraine that the man pays for the bill; in fact, ladies expect this to happen. It is very important that you adapt to the cultural differences, or you will look like a rude and greedy person. Show your best side, and that you are a generous, caring, and attentive person. This will cause the lady to form a great impression of you.

If you like a lady, let her know that you want to meet her again and exchange contact information. Who knows, the second meeting can be at her parents’ home.

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  • Posted 96 months ago
According to Ukrainian old wives stories, if you will leave the empty bottle on the table, you will not have money, or even it can lead to poverty.


  • Posted 96 months ago
"The empty bottle must be removed immediately and never left on the table.": Why?


  • Posted 112 months ago
Well so primitive???)) We, Ukrainian women, such as WOMEN, like everywhere!!! Particularly funny: An opened bottle should be completely drunk..)))))))
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