Best romantic places for dating in Kiev

Who says that Paris is a city of romance? Kiev is definitely the city where: “romance never dies”. For those who are in love with Ukrainian women, or look for this incredible feeling, Kiev can be probably the best place for romantic dating.

Kiev is known as a cosmopolitan city with a wide range of romantic restaurants and coffee shops, offers lot of nice places for a romantic date which will not leave you indifferent.

Why not try a special place for a romantic date? There are many beautiful romantic spots that can be found in Kiev. Whether it is a first date with a Ukrainian woman or her birthday, or just to express your real feeling, romantic places in Kiev can be the best choice for doing this.

The Bridge of Kisses

While you are in Kiev, you should definitely take a stroll along Lovers' Bridge. It is also well-known as the Bridge of Kisses where you can enjoy company with a Ukrainian woman. The legend says: “if sweethearts will kiss each other on the bridge of kisses, they will never separate”. Since being on this bridge, their hearts will be locked in each other for all eternity. They will be together forever. The bridge of kisses is decorated with ribbons, teddy bears, different locks, and hearts as well. Even more, there can be found the names of lovers etched in the bridge of kisses, and carved symbols of devotion and love as well. It can be probably the best romantic place for your date with a Ukrainian woman, where is the atmosphere of love.

Mariyinsky Park and Mariyinsky Palace

Another place worth visiting is the wonderful Mariyinsky Park, on the bank of the Dnieper River, where you can sit on the grass, enjoy the sights of nature and have a picnic with your lovely Ukrainian woman. There are many trees, alleys and benches where amorous couples sit. There is a grand fountain and a huge and monumental arch where you have a magnificent view over the river and city. Next to Mariyinsky Park sits Mariyinsky Palace, which is made in baroque style and gives also a romantic feeling to this park.

A boat trip along the Dnieper River

A lovely boat trip along the Dnieper River is another hot spot for sweethearts. It is known as the third biggest river in Europe with its picturesque and scenic views. You will see the Kyiv Trolley Sky Park from a different angle, and enjoy music and drinks.

St. Sophia’s Cathedral

Ukrainian woman will definitely like to visit St. Sophia’s Cathedral. The magnificent and beautiful cathedral is a romantic spot for sweethearts, known as the oldest and most impressive buildings in Kiev.

Obolonska embankment

If you would like to meet a sunrise with a Ukrainian woman, Obolonska embankment is the most romantic place. You will enjoy the stunning beauty of sunrise and sparkling first rays over the beautiful river Dnieper. The amazing beauty of sunrise and hugs of a Ukrainian woman will bring you a lot of positive and pleasant emotions and impressions.

Create a romantic atmosphere and capture memories

When you can create a romantic atmosphere, it will be suitable for sharing lovely words of love and open each other true feeling. For your memories, you can bring a camera with you, and take the most memorable and impressive photos with your woman, because it will capture your joint passionate feelings.

A trip to the countryside

Honestly saying, the list is endless where you can go with a Ukrainian woman for a romantic date. A perfect alternative to all what was mentioned above, can be a trip to the countryside of the Kiev region. There you can enjoy a warm conversation with your date among amazing landscapes. It is your choice where you want to go with your date to have a romantic experience together.

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