The search for your love partner is adventurous enough as it is. It can be fun, special, enriching, and sometimes exciting, intense and confrontational. To keep any unexpected situations you might encounter to an absolute minimum, we have a few pointers for you.

We will tell you something about our ladies and what they are really looking for. On practical matters if you intend to travel. About trickery and deceit that we observe around us and finally a reference to our other Tips of men.

About the ladies

We do not allow just any woman to join our network. We check ladies who sign up. We keep a personal contact with them and we also pay a great deal of attention to behaviour and personality.

Lust for life
We only bring you beautiful, spirited women with warm personalities, looking for love and happiness. The ladies are generally well-educated and know what to expect from a healthy relationship. They are willing to leave their country for a man with whom they experience a personal click and can build a new life together.

The ideal man
Research among unmarried Ukrainian women shows that they are fairly unanimous about the qualities they seek in their ideal man. We recommend that you never embellish the truth, but for your own good make sure your strong points are visible.

Our Ukrainian ladies generally have traditional values, seeking a solid relationship and a strong family unit in which warmth and respect prevail. They want an honest man who is straightforward and delivers on his promises. Someone who is not afraid to express an opinion, but is also a good listener. A man who expresses his love not only with words but with actions too, and is never reluctant to defend his loved one.

Practical matters

This topic is for people who have intentions to travel to Ukraine.

The local currency is the Grivna. One Euro is approximately 27 Grivna. And one dollar is approximately 25 Grivna. In the centers of the cities, you can find easily cash machines and currency exchange offices.

Nowadays it is not required for citizens of most countries to obtain a visa to enter Ukraine. As long as your stay in Ukraine does not exceed ninety days. Citizens of the following countries do not need a visa: European Union countries, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Japan, Norway, Iceland, Andorra, Monaco and San Marino. You need to have only a valid passport till three months after your scheduled return flight. For citizens of Australia it is required to have a visa to enter Ukraine. For those citizens we recommend you to use a visa service in your own country.

Ukrainian holidays in 2021:
January 1 - New Year's Day
January 7-8 - Orthodox Christmas
January 14 - Orthodox New Year
March 8 - Women's Day
May 1 - Labor Day
May 2 - Orthodox Easter
May 3 - Orthodox Easter
May 9 - Victory Day
June 20 - Orthodox Pentecost
June 21 - Orthodox Pentecost
June 28 - Constitution Day
August 24 - Independence Day
October 14 - Day of the defender of Ukraine
December 19 - Saint Nicholas
December 25 - Catholic Christmas Day

Trickery and deceit

Unfortunately, it happens too often: a man is dreaming of a relationship with a Ukrainian beauty and immediately the sharks appear to make a profit. Not only unreliable intermediaries, guides, consultants and agencies, but also women are guilty of making shady deals. So never be tempted to hand over any cash or interim payments to intermediaries, advisors, guides or women. Especially on a first or second date.

Good intentions
We must warn you of this kind of trickery and deceit, which is unfortunate. At the same time we can safely say: if you deal with Dating Women Ukraine, you are dealing with honest people. All employees and women who are affiliated with us have also been selected for their good intentions.

Our sole purpose is to bring single men and serious Ukrainian women together for a promising relationship.

Other Tips for men

In our ‘News’ you can read about matters such as travelling to Ukraine. And about the Ukrainian culture and the differences with your own background.

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