You can go to Ukraine Map of Ukraineto find the love of your life. But you will also find beautiful historic buildings, stunning countryside, a vibrant nightlife and friendly people. More than enough to guarantee a wonderful stay.


"Ukraine" literally means borderland. What's in a name indeed: it is bordered by Belarus in the north, by the Black Sea in the south, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova in the west, and Russia in the east. Ukraine is very large, it is larger than France, for example.

On the map you can see next to the cities that also the heights are indicated. In the west lies the Carpathian mountains. And in the south on the Crimean peninsula lies the Crimean Mountains. Both mountain areas are a piece of scenery. And it certainly deserves to be recommended to visit them.

Climate and inhabitants

Ukraine has a continental climate, with small regional differences because of the sheer size of the country. Ukraine has more than 46 million inhabitants, who are generally well-educated. Wages are quite low for most people, while in major cities housing costs are relatively high.

Language and religion

Ukraine was part of the former Soviet Union. The language is mostly Ukrainian or Russian, depending on the region. Faith is predominantly Christian, three quarters of the population belongs to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Public transport

There is a good public transport network, with reliable trains and buses. Ukraine has both domestic and international airports.

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