The characteristics of Ukrainian women

While every individual is different, Ukrainian women in general possess certain positive qualities and characteristics, and these include their appearance and personal traits. We will detail and describe them, though naturally, the best way to learn about them is to travel to Ukraine and meet them in person.

Attractive women

Ukrainian women are renowned in the world for being attractive, feminine women. Femininity is very important to them; they take great care to look their best, and wear clothing that enhances their attributes. They wear high-heels often, both in private and business settings. Their hair is often long and well cared for. They generally have an attractive figure, since they eat healthy food and in moderation. They feel privileged in their feminine roles; their culture teaches them to be feminine women who take good care of their looks.

Warm and friendly personality

The exceptional character of Ukrainian women is worthy of note: they are kind, modest, dependable, genuine and warm-hearted. They always have a positive attitude and are never cynical, with a genuine and polite demeanor. The reason for this is because Ukrainian women usually have a good upbringing with a loving family; they have stability and are happy.

They also learn to help their families and to be independent from an early age, making them capable, sociable women. The women learn to be strong and enduring to adapt to life in Ukraine, where things are difficult economically and politically, with less help from social services.

They are spontaneous people that always act naturally, and are quite humble as well. Even if they are stunningly beautiful, they continue to be friendly, down-to-earth and approachable; they do not judge people by their appearance, focusing more on the inner qualities of that person. These traits make them good listeners who are smart, courteous and tactful. Most of them are highly educated and consider studying a privilege, always looking for ways to expand their knowledge and develop themselves further as individuals.

Culture, tradition and the female role

Ukrainian women are comfortable in their roles as women, which fits well in their culture. They don’t avoid feminine activities, and make their best efforts to show themselves in a positive light towards men. Part of this is the game of seduction, but they are very subtle, and only get involved once the man has taken the first steps.

Women are brought up in a traditional manner and fulfill their feminine role, in a relationship or marriage, with love and commitment. Religion also plays an important part in Ukrainian culture; ladies are raised with religious values and morals, and are very respectful to men. This can have a positive effect on relationships where they will bring in these morals and values.

Ukrainian women stand by their husband with respect, and support him in both good and bad times. As long as the husband treats them with love and respect, they will give their best to the relationship, as they want a relationship that lasts.

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  • Posted 125 months ago
How I succeeded in landing the ukrainian hottie...
I've had two long distance relationships with Ukrainian women and this is what I've noticed. Ukrainian women are very trusting, family oriented, beautiful women. First off if your looking for any kind of phone sex or games forget it. For Ukrainian women to talk about sex is a shame thing for them. They prefer to keep this private behind closed doors. If your intimidated by smart women then Ukrainian women may not be for you. Most Ukrainian women are educated and smart, you MUST develope a mental connection with them. Letters are a great way to show your feelings, they love that connection. Letting her know she's not beneath you because she's a woman is new to them. They want to feel like they are smart and beautiful. If you have a woman promising the world without first making this connection then watch out. You have to spend time talking to them. A lot so get out your long distance card and get ready to chat.

Admin - Agency Online now!

  • Posted 126 months ago
I know how it feels like, when you have this question on your mind and you cannot get an answer on it. It looks like she used you, but it is hard to say for sure. The story that she told you about her brother seems to my very coincidently and unlikely. I think it is an excuse for not meeting you and not marrying you. But was it because she cheated on you or was it because she had second thoughts about this marriage? That is the question.
You can also ask yourself this question, let’s say she wanted to use you, then it might be a good reason to marry you. Maybe she was just being honest and she used it as an excuse (although nobody should use such an excuse), and that she was not sure to marry you after all, that it went too fast for her and that she got cold feet. It could be when the communication went less, the relationship became worse and when you showed her disappointments and suspicions it caused the final break in the relationship.
As an advice to you, it seems to me anyway that you went too fast to win her for you, because when you offer at the same time high financial benefits to her, then you don't know for sure when the relationship breaks, if she didn’t like you enough or if she used you for the money. And then you stay behind with this question and it keeps on your mind. I hope you can get it of your mind sooner or later. I know it hurts, but you have to go on. I wish all the best with it. Ronald


  • Posted 126 months ago
an odd experience
For all the above I managed to find such a woman from Ukraine, and I travelled and saw her in Ukraine and decided to marry without starting any physical relationship. We both remained committed and kept in constant contact being in different countiries. We planned a lot and I provided whatever funds that are required. She is university graduate with First Class and very intellegant and kind. Our plans during 7 months didn't result in marriage due to cirumstances between my very busy work, my own, and also from her side when her brother had a bad car accident on the day I was supposed to fly and get married, after preparing and paying for everything to have a grand wedding. I became skeptical especially when she told me her brother died after being in comma and she was agaist me coming and she might not be in a good state to see me. Also our communication became less. I am now confused: was it all about getting money from me? How can something gone this far with future family/children plans come to such and end after so much planning and agreeing on everything? Any opinion that amy help me understand? I had to confront her with my disappointment and suspisions and since then not one word from her. This was last week. Many thanks.
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